Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Scribe May 12

  • scribe, Practice, Practice, PracticeTED talk organization- intro-end rehearsed, work on presentation slides, TRY OUT SLIDES BEFORE PRESENTATIONBring AWNM booksPresentation dates:Period 3: 5/15 (10), 5/19Period 5: 5/15 (10), 5/20Sign up for presentation orderPresentation Google Doc link: check permissions

Monday, May 11, 2015

Scribe May 11

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dan Pink A Whole New Mind

Live Blog Dan Pink A Whole New Mind

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Scribe 5/6/15 Ethan Myers

In Class:

  • Work day!
  • Check Dan Pink Questions
  • ETAC - Educational Technology Advisory Committee application
  • Guest speaker today in forum re: Programming
  • Kinsey's Survey: Please take it!
  • Dan Pink's advice
  • Read Meaning as well as Type I and Type X excerpt 
  • TED talk organization: intro - conclusion finalized, visuals
  • Work on Visuals
Presentation Dates:

  • Read Meaning, TED talk organization- intro- conclusion, visuals, begin memorizing (First 30 seconds), Meaning fishbowl tomorrow: 3 questions

Pierce Haltom -- Dan Pink Question

Are you a left brained or right brained person? Which one do you think is more important?

Sophie A Dan Pink Question

What made you want to share your ideas on right brained and left brained thinking?

Rachel Searle Dan Pink Question

What made you realize spirituality was important to meaning since many people do not recognize that as true?

AWNM Meaning Period 5

Live Blog AWNM Meaning Period 5

AWNM Meaning Period 3

Live Blog AWNM Meaning Period 3

Ji-Wei Ooi Dan Pink Question

Are you left or right brained?

Which of the topics in A Whole New Mind is your favorite?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ryan Snow - Dan Pink Question

"Many would agree that elements such as empathy and design are intrinsic to an ideal society, although individuals seldom initiate measures to consciously uphold these, which demonstrates a somewhat hypocritical "easier said than done" paradigm. What do you believe are the most significant actions that people can perform in their daily lives in order to catalyze the shift into predominantly conceptual ideology?"

Abby Grammer Dan Pink Question

Out of these six different things in "A Whole New Mind," (Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, and Meaning) which one do you think is most important? Why?
Molly Jordan Little
May 5th 2015

Jackie Durnford-Dan Pink Questions

How innate are the six abilities Pink talks about? 
What is his vision on how these abilities be taught or strengthened in school? 

Jake Miles Daniel Pink Question

You published your book in 2005, in the 10 years since then have you seen any of your theories come true? Which ones?

Natasha Sandalcidi Dan Pink Question

Your book, A Whole New Mind, was published in 2005. How do you think things have changed? Do you still think that right-brainers will rule the future?

Tatiana Beasley Question for Dan Pink

This book seems very biased. Why don't you present the other side of the argument?

Dan Pink Question

Please post your question or questions you would like to ask Dan Pink on Friday, May 8th.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Scribe 5/4/15 Morgan McArdle

HW: Finish up Ted Talk rough draft and revise. Read meaning 3 questions, 1 textual based, 2 higher level thinking. Read special circumstances.

Fishbowl on Play
Main Ideas
  • Our priorities are changing, why don’t we have playgrounds and recess.
  • How will art become more integrated into our society?
  • How does one choose what they want to do when they don’t know what the future will be like?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Natasha Sandalcidi Scribe May 1, 2015

-Work on intro (if not done yet) and 1st body paragraph for final TED talk
-Read Play- Fishbowl on Monday, May 4

-Talked about layout for TED talk (see agenda)
-Got Rubric for Final, asked questions:
  -Dress professional for presentation
  -Must have at least 20 slides
-Work time

AWNM Play Period 5

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AWNM Play Period 3

Live Blog AWNM Play Period 3