Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Collin Hayes Scribe September 30

Essential Question:
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/ lives or affect our relationships?


  • scribe
  • Lily and group: home baked goodies
  • Graph and record scores for S/R 4; what can you do to improve?
  • Finish Act 5:
  1. assign notes
  2. act out
  3. discuss along
  • review
Homework:SAT 5 questions, copy of Long Way Gone


S/R Tips:
Summary: Big idea in summary should be in topic sentence and plot should be after. Big Idea is a theme, not specific to certain character and plot is specific to a certain character. One paragraph summary. No opinion in summary, save opinion for the response.

Response: One big paragraph response. Even though, rebuttal phrases have personal words like "we cannot deny" or "I used to think" we can manipulate them to say "It's undeniable that" or "It is plausible to think." Instead of using because in the topic sentence you could use another way to explain why without saying because. First thing after quote explain your interpretation of the quote without saying "This quote means..." then connect the quote to your argument. After that connect to the thesis of the entire Response. Make sure you have a singular concluding sentence at the end of the response. The concluding sentence should be big idea because topic sentence is big idea. Period on citation should always be after citation and not inside quotation marks unless it is an exclamation point or a question mark. Citation should say (Shakespeare Act.Scene.Lines). Connect quotes to other scenes with evidence and makes inferences and go beyond what the text says. 

Read Act 5 of Othello Act 5 from beginning to Act 5, Scene 2, Line 107

Rachel Green Scribe for September 30th


Graph and record scores for S/R 4 and write down what you can do to improve.  We wrote on the board anything that we repeatedly were missing in the categories of Summary or Response.

Citation and Lead-in: Remember to have a lead-in that ends with a comma, followed by the quote.  Before the period at the end of the quote, put parentheses around the author and the page number, with the period outside the parentheses.  Exclamation points or question marks can be included in the quote, but there is still a period after the parentheses.

Proof-Reading: You could swap S/Rs and proof-read each others.  You could also take a break and come back with a fresh mind.  You could even take an entire night and read it again the next day.  You could print it out and mark it up with a pen.  Read through for both big ideas and grammar.  Read it out loud.

Expanding on Quote: What is quote saying?  Connect the quote to the point of the paragraph.

Expanding Rebuttal:Spend more time on your point than on the opposing point.

Read to the line "Where is this rash and most unfortunate man?"; assigned roles, acted out, and discussed as going along


SAT 5 Questions
We are starting A Long Way Gone so if you want to read from your own book, bring it to class on Friday

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mackenzie Johnston 9-29-14 Scribing

9-29-14 Scribing
Mackenzie Johnston

Homework: Sat 5 Exercises, Review Act 5 of Othello, purchase a copy of Long Way Gone- bring to class on Friday
Update S/R chart with graded S/R Act 4 of Othello
Check for your grade- should be graded by Wednesday

What did we do today?
  • Voted for best group and best individuals based on Othello performances
    • Best Group Nominations:
      • Office group- Sofia and Abby H.
      • Old Time group- Alicia, Aden, Collin, Kelly
      • Ghetto group- Anna M., Annabel, Anna, Moly, Katie
      • By Herself- Emily
    • Best Individual Nominations:
      • Anna M.
      • Eli
      • Mackenzie
      • Emily K.
      • Jay
    • Best Group Winner
      • Tie between Office and Ghetto
    • Best Individual
      • Tie between Eli and Jay
  • We wrote quotes on the wall from Act 4
  • We went over Lesson 5 vocabulary words
The rest of the class we watched Othello

Maddie Gross Scribe for September 29th 2014

September 29th, 2014

Good Morning!

Today we wrote quotes on our posters, finished the movie scenes for Othello, graphed and recorded our scores for S/R 4 and asked ourselves, what can I do to improve? We also introduced the words for SAT 5 and started our reading of Act 5.

SAT 5 quiz and exercises due by Friday, review act 5, and if you want a copy of Long Way Gone get that by Friday. 

Act 5 Roles:
Iago: Ryan
Roderigo: Scott
Cassio: Graham
Othello: Jackson
Lodovico: Griffin
Grantiano: Maddie
Emilia: Jackson
Desdemona: Isabella
Montano: Kirk
Bianca: Maddie G

Friday, September 26, 2014

Jackie Durnford September 26

What we did in class:
  • Section 4 SAT prep vocabulary quiz
    • vocabulary homework turned in 
  • discussed ways to improve our summary responses
    • main focus: rebuttal, quote explanation 
  • watched scenes 
    • 33:49- 44:29
    • 46:29-56:15

    • 59:34-119:13

  • Summary Response Act - posted to personal blogger in paragraph form not outline form: Due Monday

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Abby Grammer Scribe 9/25/14

What We Did In Class Today: 
  • Met in the forum with a couple of other classes. 
  • Watched a power point about what classes we have to take and how many credits we need to have to graduate from Arapahoe high school. 
  • We were told that whatever we did in high school, from now on, affects how good a college we can get into. 
  • Talked about tests we will take in the following years of high school. 
  • We need to be in the higher 
  • You can find the power point online on the Arapahoe website. 
  • Get involved in activities like clubs and swimming and music to get a better. 
  • We then went back to the classroom and talked about summary responses. We talked about the things we struggled on most like quotes and the rebuttal progressions. p

  • Summary Response Act #4 due Monday. 
  • Vocabulary (SAT) due tomorrow. Quizzes! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monday September 22

Scribe: Abby Dafoe
Today we presented our group acts of Othello.

Group one: Griffin, Danny, Xavier, Jake, Jackson
Their theme was a grocery store and in modern day.

Group two: Abby Grammar
There was no theme.

Group three: Scott, Kirk, Fin, Graham, Matt
Their theme was sports teams in the modern day.

Group four: Julia, Allie, Haley, Tashi, Maddie C., Rachel G.
Their theme was at Arapahoe High School.

Group five: Rachel, Sam, Havana, Tyla
Their theme was all about robots and computer viruses.

Group six: Abby D., Lilly, Pierce
There was no theme, it was based in the time period.  

Group seven: Bella, Tatiana, Kensi, Katherine,

Annie Betts Scribe September 24, 2014

Annie Betts Scribe
Essential Question:
  • To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect of relationships?

  • Look over S/R good and examples needing improvement
      • Common errors
        • summary topic sentence: main idea
        • concise summary
        • punctuate title correctly
        • response topic sentence response: why
        • lead-ins
        • citations
        • explanations: explain quote, connect to topic sentence
        • rebuttal
      • How can we fix these errors?
  • Work on S/R Act 4
  • Act 4 S/R due Monday
  • SAT Lesson 4 Exercises and Quiz Friday
  • Meet in Forum tomorrow
What Did We Do?
  • Talked about location of the Forum (near stairs that lead to the science wing)
  • Finished performances of Othello Act 3 Reader's Theater
  • Asked questions concerning SAT Lesson 4 Exercises
  • Graphed progress on S/R responses
    • Included scores and feedback
  • S/R Tips
    • Summary
      • Use strong verb in topic sentence from strong verb list
      • Discuss the big picture in the topic sentence
      • Use ctrl + F to find personal words and replace them
      • Connect topic sentence to body paragraph by stating the main topic and include examples of the main topic in body

Week 6: Wednesday, September 24

Kirk Zieser Scribe
  • Answer SAT questions
    • Common errors
      • summary topic sentence: main idea/ big idea not plot
      • concise summary
      • punctuate title correctly
      • response topic sentence response: why
      • lead-ins
      • citations
      • explanations: explain quote, connect to topic sentence
      • rebuttal
    • How can we fix these errors?
  • Plot S/R growth in writing
  • Evaluate good and bad examples of S/Rs in groups
  • Work on S/R Act 4

Act 4 S/R due Monday, Meet in forum tomorrow

Essential Question:
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?

Tips for S/Rs
  • Personal Words
    • I
    • you
    • me
    • my
    • our
    • we
    • us
  • Punctuating Titles
    • Movie or Movie
    • Book or Book
    • Play or Play
  • Citations
    • ”(Author’s Last Name).
    • ?”(Author’s Last Name).
    • !”(Author’s Last Name).
    • Examples
      • ”(Shakespeare 2.3.7-9).
      • ”(Bradbury, 79).
  • Quotation Lead-in
    • Doesn’t have to be “Iago says,”
    • Just has to introduce quote and context
    • Lead-ins ALWAYS introduce the quotation
    • Lead-ins ALWAYS end with a comma
    • Lead-ins are necessary because quotes are not strong enough to stand by themselves

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Diana Torralba Scribe 9/23/14

What we did in class:

  • We read Othello Act 4 starting at scene 2 and reading all the way through
  • We had a discussion with group about the essential question and how it relates to Othello and OUR lives
  • Reread through Act 4 and make sure you can understand it
  • You can start on your Summary Response for Act 4 that we are doing by ourselves in paragraph form
  • Have questions from SAT #4 ready for tomorrow

Kelly Burke Scribe 9/23/14

September 23, 2014
Period 5

In class today:
  • Acted out and read Act 4 of Othello
  • Discussed the meaning of Act 4 for the remaining time in class

Homework: Summary Response for Act 4, SAT exercises

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scott Cooke September 19th Smith 3rd Period

September 19, 2014
Smith 3rd period

What we did today:
Library Orientation
SAT quiz 3, turn in SAT 3 exercises
Acted out Act 4 Scene 1 and part of Scene 2

For hw:
Continue reading Othello and make sure you are ready to present your readers theatre in class on Monday.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday September 18,2014 Scribe

Scribe- Alicia Nguyen
Today in class…
  • We first got together in our ‘readers theater’ groups and worked on our performance
    • While groups were working, some individuals went up to the board and signed up to perform for act 4 of Othello.
  • After, the people who signed up said their lines in front of the class and we read or the rest of class and left off somewhere in Act 4 Scene 1

Diana Torralba Scribe 9/18/14

What we did in class today:

  • We had our first fire drill of the year
  • We worked with our groups on our readers theater play for half of the class period
  • We started reading act 4 of Othello and got near the end of act 4 scene 1

  • Reread act 4 scene 1, make sure you understand it
  • SAT #3 exercises due tomorrow 

  • SAT #3 quiz tomorrow!
  • Library tour tomorrow
  • Conferences end tomorrow

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mia Middleton Scribe 9/17/14 5th hour

Scribe E9H Week 5
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
5th Hour

“Hello, everybody! Hello Smith!”

Homework: SAT 3 exercises, Reader’s Theater work, turn in rubric, turn in annotated (notes to self) copy of scene- printed out!, Performances TOMORROW*

* Are we ready to perform? This topic is up for debate…
Final decision:

Meet with group
Meet with group
Read Act 4
Read Act 4
SAT quiz

Read Act 4

In Class Today:
  • SAT 3 questions
  • Decided on Performance Schedule
  • Reader’s Theater Work

Essential Question:
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?

Abby Grammer Scribe 9/17/14

Homework For Today
Homework for today: SAT 3, Reader's Theater work, turn in rubric, turn in annotated copy of your scene - printed out. Performances tomorrow?

What We Did in Class Toady
  • We asked questions about the SAT work. 
  • We talked about Reader's Theater project. Came up with alternate dates for performances and practice time. 
  • We were given time in class to work on the Reader's Theater script and acting (practice). 
Essential Question
It is still "To what extent do jealousy and betrayal  rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?" 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ethan Myers scribe: 9/16/14

Ethan Myers scribe:9/16/14

In class:
  • Practiced reader’s theater
  • Went over SAT 3 exercises
  • Answered four questions
Readers theater groups:

1)Act 3.1, .2. 31-30- Anna, Anna, Katie, Annabel, Molly
2)3.3. 31-99- Jay Kenneth, Josh, Thomas, Ji Wei
3)3.3 100-200- Alyssa, Madison
4)3.3. 100-200- Abbey, Sofia
5)3.3. 300-375-Morgan, Mia, Annie
6)3.3. 376-450- Kira, Mickenzie, Jackie, Ivey, Larissa
7)3.3. 450-545- Kira, Mickenzie, Jackie, Ivey, Larissa
8)3.4. 1-120- Alicia, Aden, Kelly, Collin
9)3.4. 121-231- Kimia, Seth, Ethan, Eli


  • SAT 3
  • Readers theater work

Scribe Tuesday September 16th - Ryan Snow

September 16th,
Students did work on "Reader's Theater" project.
Redefined sections of play that each group is assigned to.
Worked on scripts for play interpretations, making sure that people knew stage directions and when/what to say.
Period 4 Groups:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Scribe Monday September 15th, Annie Betts

Essential Question:
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?

conference, reread act 3: take notes, Reader's Theater Work, SAT 3 exercises

What did we do today in class?
  • read over the SAT words in Lesson 3
  • introduction to Reader's Theater
    • 3 handouts
      • Bring Life and Theatrical Genius to Othello
      • Reader's Theater: A New Approach to Reading Othello
      • Reader's Theater
    • pick groups to complete Reader's Theater with
    • worked on Reader's Theater

Monday September 15, Julia Zelaya

conference, reread act 3: take notes, Reader's Theater Work

What we did:
  • SAT 3
  • S/R of Act 2 collect
  • Introduce Reader's Theater Project
    • Handout 1- Bring Life and Theatrical Genius to Othello
    • Handout 2- Reader's Theater: A new Approach to Reading Othello  
    • Handout 3- Reader's Theater
  • Break down Act 3
    • Act 3.1 (64 lines)
      • Cassio
      • Clown
      • Musician
      • Iago
      • Emilia  
    • Act 3.2 (7 lines)
      • Othello
      • Iago
      • Gentleman
    • Act 3.3 (546 lines)
      • Desdemona
      • Emilia
      • Casio
      • Iago
      • Othello
    • Act 3.4 ( 231 lines)
      • Desdemona
      • Clown
      • Emilia
      • Othello
      • Casio
      • Iago
      • Bianca 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Scribe September 12, 2014 Seth Porter

September 12, 2014
Essential Question: To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships.
  1. We began our class by taking our SAT chapter 2 quiz.
  2. Then we finished reading Act 2.
  3. After that, we started working on our summary responses for Act 2 of Othello.

  • Conference
  • S/R Act 2- post in outline form on personal blog: make sure to put both partner’s names

Scott Cooke Scribe September 12

What did we do today in class?

Took a quiz over SAT
Reality Check to Smith, share with Smith in the shared folder

Homework: Summary Response Othello Act 2, outline form