Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ryan Snow Scribe - Tuesday September 9th

Tuesday, September 9th

HW: Conferences with Mrs. Smith, Reread Act 2 for Better Understanding: Take Notes & Annotate, SAT Exercises due Friday

1) Review Act 1 S/R Blog Posts
2) Watch Act 1 - for closer understanding of Iago's point of view and manipulation
3) Watch Original Othello Movie - Act 1 - For contrasts to modern version

In both movies, the story Othello was portrayed in more emotion than the written version could perhaps deliver to its readers. Othello himself was given the mood and temperament that stayed laid back, as Othello was by no means yet aware of the gears of Iago's plans as they started to churn even in the first act. Iago was portrayed as a clever man who had a certain flexibility with words that allowed him to guard his interests in both sides of the main conflict while still appearing to be a wise, responsible, and helpful person. This subtlety is a key characteristic of Iago, as can be seen throughout the majority of Othello: Act 1. Roderigo was given a hesitant inertness and failed to comprehend the mask of help and friendship that was tied tightly to the face of Iago's desire for money and power. The main conflict of the act was the question of the moor Othello's marriage to the senator's daughter Desdemona. It, in the context of the time period and place, was extremely unlikely that Desdemona would fall helplessly in love with a moor, but Desdemona thoroughly backed Othello's opposition to the accusation of using witchcraft and being a thief. The act ended with Othello, contrary to his marriage to Desdemona and his overall desires, being ordered to defend Crete from Turkish invaders. For the sake of the marriage, Desdemona will come as well when the conflict is not so heated, escorted by Iago. Roderigo begs Iago for help in wooing Desdemona, comparing his life without her to an existence worse than death. Iago uses this as an opportunity to gain even more wealth from Roderigo by pretending be helpful, inspirational, and the key to get Roderigo to Desdemona.

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