Friday, November 21, 2014

Scribe 11/21 Jackie Durnford


  • Prepare for final, look over examples given in the slideshow
  • Begin preparation 
  • Purchase Inherit the Wind- will begin reading after break

During Class:

  • SAT 10 quiz
  • snoopy extra credit video
  • present symbol projects 
    • Fire
    • Kerosene 
    • Salamander
    • Books
    • Clarisse Mccleffan
    • TV
    • Dandelion 
    • Mirrors
    • Mechanical Hound
    • Sieve and the Sand
    • The Bible
    • Color


  • Examples, Honest Poem, Pass On, An Original Story (found in slideshow)
  • Time: 3:10
  • Be Breif
  • Name your Belief
  • Be positive
  • Be personal
  • Eye contact
  • Memorization
  • Use visuals-due Thursday of next week

Finn W. Period 3 Scribe 11/21/2014

Homework: No homework unless you have to redo your essay, also look over poems for inspiration on final

During Class: 
  • Presentations
  • We took the SAT 10 quiz
  • Example "pass it on"
    • On the website
  • Use visuals
    • Due next Thursday of next week
  • Eye Contact
  • Gestures
  • Memorization 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scribe Period 3 11/20/14 Haley Lewin

Homework: SAT quiz and exercises, symbol presentation tomorrow,  begin composing final, Inherit the Wind book

During Class

  • Quiz Part III
    • Section 3 of the book
  • Finalize Symbol Projects (Work time)
    • Present TOMORROW
  • Introducing the Final
    • Performance and creative writing assessment
    • Performance Rubric on Smith's website
The Final
    • Performance Poem You’ve Written;Then Perform it
    • All Information Online
      • Write Poem first
      • Look up Example of Slam Poetry
        • Some have been given
    • Start Finals The Last Monday we have class
      • 3 Minutes 10 seconds
        • 500-600 Words
    • Use a Theme/Story
      • Be Personal
      • Write with phrases/words that you are comfortable with
    • Framework
      • Samples online
        • “I Bet” example
        • “Open Letter to Myself”
        • “Instruction Manual for Life”
        • “3” (number’s in general)
    • Performances
      • “PRACTICE”
      • Embody the attitude of the Poem
      • Poetic Devices
      • Eye Contact
      • Projection
      • Enunciation

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19, 2014 Wednesday- Scribe (Alicia) Period 5

  • First everyone wrote in their agendas of the homework which was:
    • Symbol project
    • quiz tomorrow over all of the section “burning bright”
    • SAT work
  • Answered a couple question about exercises for SAT
    • Exercise 3:
      • number 2: lecture
      • Number 3: recollect
      • Number 4: renegy
  • Went over meeting times with Smith in her agenda (“feel sympathy for Smith”)
  • Set up for the fishbowl
    • outside circle live blog
    • discussers and presenters inside circle
  • What we discussed- main ideas:  
    • Is it important to tell the truth or please the masses? -kira
    • talked about how Mildred and Montag’s relationship
    • Mildreds love to defend and her subconscious
    • poetry and society’s version of sadness to cause people making rash decision
    • How was the war so distant, then all of a sudden appeared?
    • what do you think happened if you wrote a sequel?
    • How one would survive in the wild with evolving technology?
    • What is the significance of the bible, shakespeare, and dover beach?
    • If ash is all montag left behind, what does everyone think of a cookie cutter society?
    • Is it ironic that the firemen’s code was written in a book and that book is the only thing allowed?
    • what was montag’s breaking point?
    • who shapes society? -kira, josh, and Thomas
    • Is this a false democracy? -josh
    • Does society know they’re making mistakes? -seth
    • Was this in the US? -ji wei
    • what influences would poor have if they don’t have technology? -Ivey
    • LOF was also a distopian
    • What is innocence in faith in this book -seth

Scribe 11/19/14 Period 3 Olivia Maloney


-Symbol project due Friday
-Quiz over 136-end tomorrow
-SAT 10 test on Friday

Agenda today:

-Went over questions for SAT exercises
         -What connections do we see?
     -Common themes of fishbowl:
          -Is challenging the system good or bad?
          -What do books symbolize?
          -The moon symbolism
          -The butterfly effect

451 period 5 136-end

Live Blog 451 136-end period 5

451 136-end period 3

Live Blog 451 136-end period 3

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Smith Period 5 Scribe 11/18//14 Aden Tomasson

Daily Schedule
  • Scribe
  • SAT
  • Part II Quiz
  • Read 136-end
  • annotate
  • Make Connections: to you, to text ,to world
  • Connections to what Bradbury and Vonnegut trying to warn society of?
What we did

We took our reading comprehension quiz of Fahrenheit 451 and then had work time on either or reading (136-end) or our symbol project

Scribe November 18, 2014

Mrs. Smith's slides for English 9 Honors 

Quiz on Fahrenheit 451 today, we worked in groups of 3-4.
Deliberate Acts of Love and Kindness card were passed out. You can ask for extras.
After the quiz work on the cards for Deliberate Acts of Love and Kindness.
After the cards are finished we have a workday to focus on the symbol project.
Thursday is also a work day for your symbol project.

  • Read pages 136-the end. (Annotate and make connections. Keep in mind the essential question.)
  • Fishbowl Tomorrow on pages 136-the end. 
  • Quiz on Thursday for Fahrenheit 451.
Essential Question:
What does it take to challenge the system? How can literature be a motivator for social change?

Extra thing to think about:
To what is Bradbury and Vonnegut trying to warn society of?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Scribe 11/17/14 Period 3 Tyla Merrill

To start off class we went over the SAT vocabulary words in lesson 10. Remember to start on the SAT exercises! This is our last vocabulary lesson of the year! We start grammar soon.

The fishbowl over pages 91 through 136 of Fahrenheit 451 was today!
Here are some questions that were asked and the responses.

  • No matter how many times we stray from the fold and go against society, are we really unique, or will we always just go back to the fold and conform with society?
    • Sheep tend to stick with the herd. They can’t always think for themselves.
    • When you try something new it’s just an experiment.
    • You can change. That’s why we have free will.
    • You can’t return back to normal because things are always improving.
  • Could Montag change things then, if backtracking isn’t possible?
    • Returning to books would be progression and improvement.
    • They were backtracking when they banned books, but not returning to normal.
  • Do they know how things used to be?
    • They have an altered version of history.
  • How did Beatty know the quotes that he heard in his dream?
    • No one really knows.
  • How did society evolve so quickly?
    • It has only been around for 10 years.
  • What do you think about the way people elect leaders based on looks?
    • They started campaigning on TV so there was a visual.
    • JFK voted for because he was young, vibrant, attractive, and fresh.
    • The party that wins our elections today is always the party that spends the most money.
  • Who is doing the thinking? Who is in charge?
    • It could be a puppet election. The elections are just to appease the people.
    • Some select group of people.
  • Are we bound to our roles or can we change them?
    • In India there are “untouchables” but some of them have risen through social ranks.
    • You can change, it’s just difficult.
  • Are we being fed information?
    • When you have a book it has a path in general that you follow, but you can branch off a little bit. We learn what the government wants us to learn even today.
    • The government hides a continent in the book Alcatraz. There’s war in Syria, but technically no one knows that because no one has been there.
    • Information is centered towards the wrong things, like celebrities.
  • Can we teach ourselves not to be selective learners?
    • The government controls everything in North Korea.
  • Is the society in Fahrenheit happen in other places in the book as well?
    • All the continents are probably all in poverty and much of the Earth could be uninhabitable because of the nuclear wars.
    • The government only tells people it’s horrible out there because they don’t want people going out there.
    • The government can ignore the outside world because there’s nothing to stop them.
  • Is our government is controlling what we learn?
    • Common core
    • Curriculum doesn’t want to show us our mistakes.
  • White used to be water, black fire, but now it has switched. Why?
    • Transitioning of Montag’s world
    • White is the reflection of light, black is the absorption of light.
    • White shows on the surface, black light shows everything underneath.
  • Did Clarisse get hit by a car?
    • Yes - that’s the society they live in.
    • No - that was the government. They have a file on her family.
    • Either way, Clarisse’s family didn’t move away. That was the government.
    • Her getting hit by a car is symbolic of her getting swept away by society.
    • The sacrifice of Clarisse caused Montag to act.
Overall, good discussion, everyone!
There's a quiz on Part 2 tomorrow, remember to do your SAT work, and start reading the rest of the book! Symbol projects are due Friday.

Abbey Hustis Scribe 11/17

Turn in books- A Long Way Gone and Othello
Quiz on The Sieve and the Sand tomorrow
SAT Week 10 Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Symbol project due on Friday

Fishbowl on 91-136

Inner Circle
    Why did the Captain act so weird when he saw that the alarm went off at Montag's house? -> was Beatty being suspicious when he was quoting all of those books?
    What does the mothers attitudes toward their children tell us about the society?
    Peoples self conscience are almost being controlled by the government
    What would Montag want to say if he had a few seconds to say something to the population before the Mechnical Hound killed? -> People wouldn't want to change even if he did speak, they already have a mindset that they wouldn't want to give up
    Technology can affect us all in a negative way like hiding behind a screen but it can also have a positive affect like staying in touch with relatives and friends.
    Why do you think the Beatty wanted to die? -> he may not have wanted to live in such a limited world anymore. 
    When people threaten the system the government makes it seem like such a big thing so that people get scared and don't try it themselves
    Why do you think that Bradbury choose the Bible as the one book the Montag was constantly reading from?   

451 91-136 Period 5

Live Blog 451 91-136 Period 5

451 91-136 Period 3

Live Blog 451 91-136 Period 3

Friday, November 14, 2014

Scribe Period 3 11/14/14 Xavier Maier

SAT Lesson 9 Quiz

Fishbowl- Fahrenheit 451, Pages 68-91
Discussion Main Ideas:
  • Why was Montag able to challenge the system?
  • What is the difference between talking about things and talking about the meaning of things?
  • How does the government in Fahrenheit 451 make things and interactions impersonal?
Read Fahrenheit 451, Pages 91-136
  1. Annotate
  2. Make connections to you, the text, the world, and the essential question: What does it take to challenge the system? How can literature be a motivator for social change?
  3. Make connections to what Bradbury and Vonnegut are trying to warn society of
Quiz Part II
Symbol Project



Ji-Wei Ooi Scribe 11/14/14

English 9 Honors Week 13: Friday

SAT 9 quiz

Fishbowl 68-91
Presenters and discussers
How do you think the invasive, distracting advertising helps the government censor free thought
How does technology influence the people's ways of thinking? 
What does it mean to be alive?
Should a society let it's people choose?

Read 91-136
Make connections: to you, to text, to world, to essential question.
Connections to what is Bradbury and Vonnegut trying to warn society of?

Essential Question:
What does it take to challenge the system? How can literature be a motivator for social change? 

Read 451:91-136
Quiz part 2
Symbol project.


451 68-91 Period 5

Live Blog 451 68-91 Period 5

451 68-91 Period 3

Live Blog 451 68-91 Period 3

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Scribe Period 3 11/13/14 Haley Lewin

Homework: Read 451:68-91, Fishbowl tomorrow, SAT quiz (spelling, part of speech, synonyms, definitions), work on symbol project

In Class 

  • SAT Question Day 
    •  Exercise 1 part 1 Words in Context #5 and 6 and #7
      • machination 
      • finesse
      • heterogeneous
    • Exercise 3 part 3 number 1
      • verbatim 
    • Exercise 3 number 2
      • thrusting in
      • thrusting out
      • pushing away the understanding
    • Exercise 3 part 3 number 1
      • verbicide
    • Exercise 5 number 3
      • D
    • Exercise 5 number 5 
    • Exercise 5 number 2 
      • no error 
  • New Seating Chart 
  • Check in Books
    • Othello
    • LOF
    • LWG 
  • Quiz pages 41-68 (See Smith if absent)
    • Groups of 3-4 
  • Work Time 
    • Read 68-91 
      • annotate; make connections: to you, to text, to world, to essential question; connections to what it is that Bradbury and Vonnegut trying to warn society of?
    • Symbol Project

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kira White Period 5 Scribe for November 12th

Scribe for November 12th - 5th Period

-Some students still need to submit their papers through Turnitin
-SAT question day
-Fishbowl 41-68

Topics Discussed in the Fishbowl:
-Evolution of technology
-Theme of living vs. not living
-Accepting things for how they are
-Not questioning anything, relying on technology to do everything for us
-How does the society in Fahrenheit 451 compare and contrast to our society today? How do the reactions in each society differ?
-Adapting to society
-Gaining knowledge, being exposed to new things, staying on the same level as everybody else all in a society of set standards
-How much knowledge is too much knowledge?
-Would the government in Fahrenheit 451 react to a person offering to write a government approved book?
-Are the TV shows of the modern day heading towards us not being able to think for ourselves? Living a simpler life?

-Read Fahrenheit 451 pages 68 through 91
-Think about your Symbol Project
-SAT lesson 9 quiz and exercises due on Friday (need to know the spelling, definition, part of speech, synonym)
-Come in to conference with Smith for your synthesis paper if you signed up for a one-on-one meeting!
-Quiz over pages 41 through 67 tomorrow

11/12 Scribe

Today there was a Fishbowl on Fahrenheit 451 pages 41-68.

One of the largest things that was discussed was the role of technology in our lives and what was the right amount and what was too much use of technology in present day.

451 41-68 Period 5

Live Blog Fahrenheit 451 41-68 Period 5

Fahrenheit 451 41-68 Period 3

Live Blog 451 41-68 Period 3

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Collin Hayes scribe November 11

Essential Question:
What does it take to challenge the system? How can literature be a motivation for social change?

  • scribe
  • Symbol Assignment: due on 11/21- sign up
  • Quiz 1-40: groups of 3-4
  • Read 451 41-68
  1. annotate
  2. make connections; to you, to text, to world, to essential question
  3. Connections to what is Bradbury and Vonnegut trying to warn society of.

  • SAT
  • Read 451 41-68
  • quiz
  • symbol project
  • Fishbowl 41-68
  • paper conference
    • In groups of 2-3 pick one symbol from 451
    • Create a large visual of symbol on cardstock paper on top of file cabinet (colorful, creative, full of content)
    • Create chemical symbol of symbol
    • Select quotations for support- proper citation
    • Create Atomic number-451
    • Create number of importance of symbol to book (1-10 with 10 being most important)
    • Analyze deeply!