Monday, November 10, 2014

Abbey Hustis Scribe 11/10 Period 5

HW: SAT Practices, Read 41- 68 (or to the end of Part 1), Symbols assignment, quiz tomorrow on 1-40, paper conference.

Quiz will consist of - what is the mechanical hound made of?
       - what are they refering to.....? 

Going over SAT words Week 9 - Exercise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Identifying Sentence Errors, Improving Sentences, no Writing)

Symbol assignment is creating a periodic tables of symbolic elements for Fahrenheit 451 (Groups of 2)
        -Create a large visual of symbol on cardstock
        - Select quotations for support- proper citations
        - Atomic number - 451
        - Create number of importance of symbol to book (Scale of 1-10)
        - Don't have to limit yourself to the paper that is given

Fishbowl Major Points
Outer Circle Discussion:
      ~How can we connect all of these text and videos? -> Dystopian Societies
      ~The students in the videos were talking about how technology helps us as students progress, but where will that lead us ultimately?
      ~People can choose to use technology and some chose not to, and some use that technology for bad, and we can turn it against ourself in a heartbeat.
      ~Not only Society can put restrains on you but you can put them on ourselves
      ~Why do you think that books in Fahrenheit 451 are illegal? ->  because it is easier for the government to keep control over the people.
      ~Could the government fear the originally that is represented in Clarisse?
      ~Their government has changed history so that they don't believe other things, could our government have done that to us? 
      ~Our standards of a "normal" family have changed to what the standard for "normal" is in Fahrenheit 451.  
      ~Do you think that our society could be similar to Fahrenheit 451 and Harrison Bergeron? -> it already is in someways pertaining to social media
      ~Other similarities -> people ODing, the number of TV's in the home, people using earbuds, etc.
      ~Government could use technology to limit personal connections to each other because then someone could feel less attached to each other and focus more and more on the government and there's a lesser chance of a rebellion.
      ~Clarisse makes Montag question everything about his life
      ~Rebellion takes effort and it can be building up until there is a spark, like Katniss in The Hunger Games.
      ~Government in Fahrenheit 451 and The Hunger Games are alike? -> The Hunger Games government is more blunt about them being in charge while Fahrenheit 451's government is more subtle and they decieve their people more, but both governments instill fear in citizens

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