Monday, November 3, 2014

Scribe Molly Jordan Little 11/3/14 Smith Period 5

Essential question:
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/ lives or affect our relationships?

Final essay due Thursday (printed out, works cited, submit to turn it in)
Copy of Fahrenheit 451 (Smith will have them sometime this week)
Read two short stories (Harrison Bergeron, The Pedestrian),
Watch Videos: A Vision of Students, Machines are Using Us, Did You Know
Fahrenheit 451 1-40  due next Monday

In class we:

  • peer edited the intro, first, and second and got one on one help from Smith
Go to link, Click on Writing Reviser (after making account) Create Essay, Paste essay in and submit
  • write conclusion
    • Othello
    • A Long Way Gone
    • Lord of the Flies
  • create works cited
    • Othello
    • A Long Way Gone
    • Lord of the Flies
  • create proper header (includes name, Smith, period 5, and creative title)

Overall today was a work day to work on our essay now due THURSDAY. Period 5 does not see Smith tomorrow because of the testing for seniors.

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