Monday, November 17, 2014

Abbey Hustis Scribe 11/17

Turn in books- A Long Way Gone and Othello
Quiz on The Sieve and the Sand tomorrow
SAT Week 10 Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Symbol project due on Friday

Fishbowl on 91-136

Inner Circle
    Why did the Captain act so weird when he saw that the alarm went off at Montag's house? -> was Beatty being suspicious when he was quoting all of those books?
    What does the mothers attitudes toward their children tell us about the society?
    Peoples self conscience are almost being controlled by the government
    What would Montag want to say if he had a few seconds to say something to the population before the Mechnical Hound killed? -> People wouldn't want to change even if he did speak, they already have a mindset that they wouldn't want to give up
    Technology can affect us all in a negative way like hiding behind a screen but it can also have a positive affect like staying in touch with relatives and friends.
    Why do you think the Beatty wanted to die? -> he may not have wanted to live in such a limited world anymore. 
    When people threaten the system the government makes it seem like such a big thing so that people get scared and don't try it themselves
    Why do you think that Bradbury choose the Bible as the one book the Montag was constantly reading from?   

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