Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kira White Period 5 Scribe for November 12th

Scribe for November 12th - 5th Period

-Some students still need to submit their papers through Turnitin
-SAT question day
-Fishbowl 41-68

Topics Discussed in the Fishbowl:
-Evolution of technology
-Theme of living vs. not living
-Accepting things for how they are
-Not questioning anything, relying on technology to do everything for us
-How does the society in Fahrenheit 451 compare and contrast to our society today? How do the reactions in each society differ?
-Adapting to society
-Gaining knowledge, being exposed to new things, staying on the same level as everybody else all in a society of set standards
-How much knowledge is too much knowledge?
-Would the government in Fahrenheit 451 react to a person offering to write a government approved book?
-Are the TV shows of the modern day heading towards us not being able to think for ourselves? Living a simpler life?

-Read Fahrenheit 451 pages 68 through 91
-Think about your Symbol Project
-SAT lesson 9 quiz and exercises due on Friday (need to know the spelling, definition, part of speech, synonym)
-Come in to conference with Smith for your synthesis paper if you signed up for a one-on-one meeting!
-Quiz over pages 41 through 67 tomorrow

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