Thursday, November 6, 2014

Katie Franklin P5 11/6/2014 Scribe

Katie Franklin - Period 5 Scribe - 11/6/2014
(Short Day - CMAS Testing)

Essential Question:  Who are we? Men of action or inaction? Men of compassion or revenge?

In Class:
  • Choose grading options for essay:  
    • One to one (choose a common off hour with Smith and sign up in her planner; MWF: 6, TR: 1,4,6, after school)
    • Grade then come in (Smith grades your paper, then has a conversation with you)
    • Just grade (Smith grades it, no conversation)
  • Turn in synthesis essays (hard copy & turn-it-in)
  • Fishbowl sign-up for Fahrenheit 451 (once as discusser, once as presenter)
  • Reality check


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