Thursday, November 6, 2014

Scribe 11/6/14 Period 3 Olivia Maloney

It was a short class, so we didn't have time to do too much


-Turned in our papers
-We did a reality check, put in our shared folder
-Signed up for future fishbowls 
-Discussed grading options for the papers:
       -one to one
       -grade then come in
       -just grade
-Signed up for appointments for grading (one to one and grade then come in)
-Had work time, choice of reading the short stories or watching the videos

Homework (by Monday):

-Read two short stories: Harrison Bergeron, The Pedestrian
-Watch videos: "Machines are using us", "Did you know", "A vision of students today"
-Read pages 1-40 of Fahrenheit 451

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