Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19, 2014 Wednesday- Scribe (Alicia) Period 5

  • First everyone wrote in their agendas of the homework which was:
    • Symbol project
    • quiz tomorrow over all of the section “burning bright”
    • SAT work
  • Answered a couple question about exercises for SAT
    • Exercise 3:
      • number 2: lecture
      • Number 3: recollect
      • Number 4: renegy
  • Went over meeting times with Smith in her agenda (“feel sympathy for Smith”)
  • Set up for the fishbowl
    • outside circle live blog
    • discussers and presenters inside circle
  • What we discussed- main ideas:  
    • Is it important to tell the truth or please the masses? -kira
    • talked about how Mildred and Montag’s relationship
    • Mildreds love to defend and her subconscious
    • poetry and society’s version of sadness to cause people making rash decision
    • How was the war so distant, then all of a sudden appeared?
    • what do you think happened if you wrote a sequel?
    • How one would survive in the wild with evolving technology?
    • What is the significance of the bible, shakespeare, and dover beach?
    • If ash is all montag left behind, what does everyone think of a cookie cutter society?
    • Is it ironic that the firemen’s code was written in a book and that book is the only thing allowed?
    • what was montag’s breaking point?
    • who shapes society? -kira, josh, and Thomas
    • Is this a false democracy? -josh
    • Does society know they’re making mistakes? -seth
    • Was this in the US? -ji wei
    • what influences would poor have if they don’t have technology? -Ivey
    • LOF was also a distopian
    • What is innocence in faith in this book -seth

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