Monday, November 17, 2014

Scribe 11/17/14 Period 3 Tyla Merrill

To start off class we went over the SAT vocabulary words in lesson 10. Remember to start on the SAT exercises! This is our last vocabulary lesson of the year! We start grammar soon.

The fishbowl over pages 91 through 136 of Fahrenheit 451 was today!
Here are some questions that were asked and the responses.

  • No matter how many times we stray from the fold and go against society, are we really unique, or will we always just go back to the fold and conform with society?
    • Sheep tend to stick with the herd. They can’t always think for themselves.
    • When you try something new it’s just an experiment.
    • You can change. That’s why we have free will.
    • You can’t return back to normal because things are always improving.
  • Could Montag change things then, if backtracking isn’t possible?
    • Returning to books would be progression and improvement.
    • They were backtracking when they banned books, but not returning to normal.
  • Do they know how things used to be?
    • They have an altered version of history.
  • How did Beatty know the quotes that he heard in his dream?
    • No one really knows.
  • How did society evolve so quickly?
    • It has only been around for 10 years.
  • What do you think about the way people elect leaders based on looks?
    • They started campaigning on TV so there was a visual.
    • JFK voted for because he was young, vibrant, attractive, and fresh.
    • The party that wins our elections today is always the party that spends the most money.
  • Who is doing the thinking? Who is in charge?
    • It could be a puppet election. The elections are just to appease the people.
    • Some select group of people.
  • Are we bound to our roles or can we change them?
    • In India there are “untouchables” but some of them have risen through social ranks.
    • You can change, it’s just difficult.
  • Are we being fed information?
    • When you have a book it has a path in general that you follow, but you can branch off a little bit. We learn what the government wants us to learn even today.
    • The government hides a continent in the book Alcatraz. There’s war in Syria, but technically no one knows that because no one has been there.
    • Information is centered towards the wrong things, like celebrities.
  • Can we teach ourselves not to be selective learners?
    • The government controls everything in North Korea.
  • Is the society in Fahrenheit happen in other places in the book as well?
    • All the continents are probably all in poverty and much of the Earth could be uninhabitable because of the nuclear wars.
    • The government only tells people it’s horrible out there because they don’t want people going out there.
    • The government can ignore the outside world because there’s nothing to stop them.
  • Is our government is controlling what we learn?
    • Common core
    • Curriculum doesn’t want to show us our mistakes.
  • White used to be water, black fire, but now it has switched. Why?
    • Transitioning of Montag’s world
    • White is the reflection of light, black is the absorption of light.
    • White shows on the surface, black light shows everything underneath.
  • Did Clarisse get hit by a car?
    • Yes - that’s the society they live in.
    • No - that was the government. They have a file on her family.
    • Either way, Clarisse’s family didn’t move away. That was the government.
    • Her getting hit by a car is symbolic of her getting swept away by society.
    • The sacrifice of Clarisse caused Montag to act.
Overall, good discussion, everyone!
There's a quiz on Part 2 tomorrow, remember to do your SAT work, and start reading the rest of the book! Symbol projects are due Friday.

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