Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014

Homework-  conference; summary/response outline due Tuesday- printed off, one per partner group, post outline to personal blog by end of class on Tuesday

Keyboard Shortcuts
ctrl+z= undo
ctrl+x= cut
ctrl+c= copy
ctrl+v= paste
ctrl+f= find
ctrl+a= select all

Finished last 10 minutes of Bully

Worked on Summary outline for rest of class

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 28 scribe

We continued watching Bully, but didn't finish the movie. The summary response outline for Bully is due by Tuesday on September second.
Lord Of The Flies books were passed back out and if you got a 79% or below you were supposed to talk to Smith. You are supposed to redo it by Friday on September fifth. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scribe August 26, 2014

HW: conference, S/R on Bully: think about outlining

Wrote on sticky notes:

I am worth it.

I am enough.

I am capable of love and belonging.

I can do this.

I can be vulnerable.

Be seen. Be present. Be impressive. Be you!

Took notes on Bully while watching it today.

These are the notes I took

  • Tyler
    • Was a loner
    • As Tyler grew older he became more introverted
    • He got bullied so much he didn’t even cry anymore
    • So many kids have such high expectations from others and have this status quo that kids have to maintain
    • Was told to go hang himself
    • “Teenage Dirtbag”
    • Committed suicide in his closet. Left a note on his bed
    • “Tyler, your voice will be heard”
    • The parents knew why it happened
    • Clothes taken while in the shower
    • Pushed in the bathroom
    • His books got thrown off his desk and was told to “Pick it but, b”
  • Alex
    • Age 13
    • Suix do City, Texas
    • Family bullies him
    • He acts like he doesn’t care what people call him but he really does
    • Called “Fishface”
    • He likes learning but he has trouble making friends
    • Bullies at Bus Stop and on bus
    • East Middle School
    • Has no friends
    • Most kids don’t want to be around him because they think he’s not normal
    • The kids don’t like different
    • Helps his siblings
    • Won’t tell his parents about what’s happening
    • Was born 14 weeks early
    • Doctors said he wasn’t going to make it 24 hours
  • Cody
    • Gets bullied at lunch
    • It breaks his heart that people calls his name
    • The vice principal tries to help
  • Kelby
    • Turttle, Oklahoma
    • is gay
    • isn’t accepted anywhere
    • Anything that is the least bit different they put them down
    • Loved basketball
    • Cutter
    • Tried to commit suicide 3 times
    • Being gay is a sin in the church so she was no longer welcome
    • She didn’t want to leave her town/school. She wanted to prove them wrong
    • Schools don’t care about bullying. Teachers even participate. “They’ll do everything they can”
  • Tyler
    • Tyler had a target on his back and everybody knew that
    • He hung himself
  • Teachers don't even know what's going on. Not everybody is innocent
  • Ja’mey
    • Age 14
    • Yazoo County, Mississippi
    • In Jail

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Morgan McArdle

Scribe for Tuesday 8/26 

HW: conference, partner summary response on Bully: think about big ideas the author is trying to tell you

Passed around class, student, teacher expectation sheet and signed it. 

Shared claim and counterclaim with the person sitting next to us. Then people shared people’s good responses. 
In your response make sure there is enough context before the quote. 

Make a copy of paper off of the powerpoint. It is called Strength of Argument. Sum up opposing viewpoint. Add new sentences to the counterclaims from step two. 

Shared our extra rebuttals. Keep in mind in our rebuttals stay focused on the big ideas.

Go to the slideshow and create a new outline for Bully. Recognize the big idea of Bully by Lee Hirsch.

Watch a preview of Bully and start to pick out big ideas. 

8-26-14 Jake Miles


- Collect cask of amontillado annotations
- Signed acknowledgment of code of conduct
- Went of summary response claim and counter-claim
- Talked about Montresor's deceitful actions
- Shared claims/counterclaims
- Bookmarked  and
- Making claims and counter claims believable
- No personal words
- Strength and flaws
  - Strength of argument link in agenda
- Concluding sentence

- Summary response for Bully
- only one point (claim and counterclaim)
- working with partners

-Watched shorter video prior to Bully
- About a kid named Jonah who was continuously bullied but is not going to give up
- Give the message, don't believe in that, trust why you exist,
- Only we have the choice to prevent bullying

- Take a lot of notes on Bully
   - Emotions
   - Think about the message
   - Purpose

Monday, August 25, 2014

Scribe 8/25 -Danny Guo

Scribe -Danny Guo
August 25, 2014

-Discussion about "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe( first half of the class)

  •   Talked about how certain negative emotions can affect our choices and decide our lives
-Then, we were shown how to write a summary response paragraph(second half)
  • Link:
  • or just go to Smith's teacher page
  • Two parts; the summary and the response
  • Remember counterclaim is important, short summary, and no opinions in summary
  • work on evidence and explanation of evidence
HW: write a response using the outline that tells why or why not Montresor's actions emulate deceit

Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014

Essential Question:
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?

Given The Cask of Amontillado
Reviewed how to effectively annotate
The thoughts in your mind should be transferred onto the page
You can never annotate too much
Transfer words like betrayal, power, honesty, jealousy, prejudice, revenge, etc. to your annotations

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lord of The Flies dicussion

Lord of The Flies Discussion

First question: What do you think the flower's scent taking over the island means?
-Flowers seem like little lights in a world of darkness
-Later in the book there is complete darkness

Why did Simon go insane and start talking to the pig head?
-Did anyone else notice the biblical parallels between Simon and the Lord of the Flies' conversation and Jesus and the Devil's conversation in the desert?
-Simon and Jesus died in a similar way, were martyred
-Beezlebub is another name for Satan and means Lord of the Flies

The beast is the motivator for the plot. They create an evil to fight because they can't fight themselves.

Fear controls the island, Ralph uses the fear of the beast to keep the tribe together.

William Golding fought in WW2, and that influenced him to write the book.

William Golding believed that humans are inherently evil that even if we are reduced to our most basic form of children, we still revert back to the evil.

Super-Ego vs. the It
Super ego is thinking about other people and the It is more selfish

Do children have more of a super ego or an it?

Do more rules make us want to break them?

Piggy had to rely on the others physically so it didn't matter that he was intellectually the strongest, when there is a void of authority everyone rushes to fill it and that caused most of the conflict in the book?

Shane vs. Rick in Walking Dead
Strength vs. Intellect

Little kids always change the rules so it works for them, like Jack saying the conch didn't work in places around the island.

As the conch changed color, Ralph loses power?

Conch represented order and power

Ralph wanted to do the best for the group and Jack wanted the best for himself.

Hierarchy of Needs
If our basic needs are met we can move on to the next levels.

Jack ruled like Hitler. Hitler, on his rise to power was not thought to be evil, and by the time everyone realized that he was evil it was to late to do anything about it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Class Expectations

What qualities do good teachers, students and classes embody?  What expectations do you have of yourself, of Smith, and of this class?

Make sure to proofread your response, as well as comment and connect to one another's.