Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lord of The Flies dicussion

Lord of The Flies Discussion

First question: What do you think the flower's scent taking over the island means?
-Flowers seem like little lights in a world of darkness
-Later in the book there is complete darkness

Why did Simon go insane and start talking to the pig head?
-Did anyone else notice the biblical parallels between Simon and the Lord of the Flies' conversation and Jesus and the Devil's conversation in the desert?
-Simon and Jesus died in a similar way, were martyred
-Beezlebub is another name for Satan and means Lord of the Flies

The beast is the motivator for the plot. They create an evil to fight because they can't fight themselves.

Fear controls the island, Ralph uses the fear of the beast to keep the tribe together.

William Golding fought in WW2, and that influenced him to write the book.

William Golding believed that humans are inherently evil that even if we are reduced to our most basic form of children, we still revert back to the evil.

Super-Ego vs. the It
Super ego is thinking about other people and the It is more selfish

Do children have more of a super ego or an it?

Do more rules make us want to break them?

Piggy had to rely on the others physically so it didn't matter that he was intellectually the strongest, when there is a void of authority everyone rushes to fill it and that caused most of the conflict in the book?

Shane vs. Rick in Walking Dead
Strength vs. Intellect

Little kids always change the rules so it works for them, like Jack saying the conch didn't work in places around the island.

As the conch changed color, Ralph loses power?

Conch represented order and power

Ralph wanted to do the best for the group and Jack wanted the best for himself.

Hierarchy of Needs
If our basic needs are met we can move on to the next levels.

Jack ruled like Hitler. Hitler, on his rise to power was not thought to be evil, and by the time everyone realized that he was evil it was to late to do anything about it.

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