Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scribe August 26, 2014

HW: conference, S/R on Bully: think about outlining

Wrote on sticky notes:

I am worth it.

I am enough.

I am capable of love and belonging.

I can do this.

I can be vulnerable.

Be seen. Be present. Be impressive. Be you!

Took notes on Bully while watching it today.

These are the notes I took

  • Tyler
    • Was a loner
    • As Tyler grew older he became more introverted
    • He got bullied so much he didn’t even cry anymore
    • So many kids have such high expectations from others and have this status quo that kids have to maintain
    • Was told to go hang himself
    • “Teenage Dirtbag”
    • Committed suicide in his closet. Left a note on his bed
    • “Tyler, your voice will be heard”
    • The parents knew why it happened
    • Clothes taken while in the shower
    • Pushed in the bathroom
    • His books got thrown off his desk and was told to “Pick it but, b”
  • Alex
    • Age 13
    • Suix do City, Texas
    • Family bullies him
    • He acts like he doesn’t care what people call him but he really does
    • Called “Fishface”
    • He likes learning but he has trouble making friends
    • Bullies at Bus Stop and on bus
    • East Middle School
    • Has no friends
    • Most kids don’t want to be around him because they think he’s not normal
    • The kids don’t like different
    • Helps his siblings
    • Won’t tell his parents about what’s happening
    • Was born 14 weeks early
    • Doctors said he wasn’t going to make it 24 hours
  • Cody
    • Gets bullied at lunch
    • It breaks his heart that people calls his name
    • The vice principal tries to help
  • Kelby
    • Turttle, Oklahoma
    • is gay
    • isn’t accepted anywhere
    • Anything that is the least bit different they put them down
    • Loved basketball
    • Cutter
    • Tried to commit suicide 3 times
    • Being gay is a sin in the church so she was no longer welcome
    • She didn’t want to leave her town/school. She wanted to prove them wrong
    • Schools don’t care about bullying. Teachers even participate. “They’ll do everything they can”
  • Tyler
    • Tyler had a target on his back and everybody knew that
    • He hung himself
  • Teachers don't even know what's going on. Not everybody is innocent
  • Ja’mey
    • Age 14
    • Yazoo County, Mississippi
    • In Jail

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