Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Morgan McArdle

Scribe for Tuesday 8/26 

HW: conference, partner summary response on Bully: think about big ideas the author is trying to tell you

Passed around class, student, teacher expectation sheet and signed it. 

Shared claim and counterclaim with the person sitting next to us. Then people shared people’s good responses. 
In your response make sure there is enough context before the quote. 

Make a copy of paper off of the powerpoint. It is called Strength of Argument. Sum up opposing viewpoint. Add new sentences to the counterclaims from step two. 

Shared our extra rebuttals. Keep in mind in our rebuttals stay focused on the big ideas.

Go to the slideshow and create a new outline for Bully. Recognize the big idea of Bully by Lee Hirsch.

Watch a preview of Bully and start to pick out big ideas. 

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