Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8-26-14 Jake Miles


- Collect cask of amontillado annotations
- Signed acknowledgment of code of conduct
- Went of summary response claim and counter-claim
- Talked about Montresor's deceitful actions
- Shared claims/counterclaims
- Bookmarked Visuwords.com  and  Lexipedia.com
- Making claims and counter claims believable
- No personal words
- Strength and flaws
  - Strength of argument link in agenda
- Concluding sentence

- Summary response for Bully
- only one point (claim and counterclaim)
- working with partners

-Watched shorter video prior to Bully
- About a kid named Jonah who was continuously bullied but is not going to give up
- Give the message, don't believe in that, trust why you exist,
- Only we have the choice to prevent bullying

- Take a lot of notes on Bully
   - Emotions
   - Think about the message
   - Purpose

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