Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Griffin H - Scribe - 4/29/15

-TED talk subject due Friday
-Read Play from AWNM - Fishbowl Friday

No More TED talk analysis blogs - focus on finals and finish the year strong


Advice from past-Smith-students
-don't get to nervous
        -stress will hinder your ability to stay calm when you speak
-use gestures effectively but not too often
       -try and avoid nervous habits
-talk about something you can relate too and connect to the audience with
-rehearse and rehearse
       -take the day off before the performance
      -write out your speech - kinetic learning/memory

Empathy Fishbowl Video:
 Sorry for the angle

AWNM Empathy Period 5

Live Blog AWNM Empathy Period 5

AWNM Empathy Period 3

Live Blog AWNM Empathy Period 3

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Abby Grammer Per. 3 Scribe - April 28th

23 minute class period today


  • Read Empathy in "A Whole New Mind" (fishbowl is tomorrow) 
  • Have your final TED Talk subject by Friday 
  • TED Talk Intro due next Monday 
What We Did/Talked About in Class: 
  • How to make your TED Talk better and how to hold the attention of the audience. You have to be passionate about your subject. 
  • End with TED Wish - give things out, tell the audience to do something, make them remember your topic. 
  • Don't put tons of words up onto slides for TED presentation. Give visuals. 
  • We saw a few examples of presentations that were mostly photos and had examples of the main idea. Use pictures and maybe have an automatic transition between slides. 
  • Asked questions about presentations for TED Talks. 
  • You can have a video in your presentation. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Middleton - Period 5 Scribe - 4 / 27 / 15

  • Read Empathy (Fishbowl Thursday), 3 questions: extensions, 1 quote question
  • Ted blog 5 - due tomorrow!

In Class
  • watched Ted video for Blog 6 - Dave Eggers “My Wish: Once Upon a School”
    • analyzed speaking style, visuals
  • watched video (example of pecha kucha presentation)
    • 20 slides automatically advanced every 20 seconds
    • all about SIGNS
  • Ted talk conferences- meet with Smith about topic
    • topic must be finalized by Thursday (4/30)
  • work time!

Abby Scribe 4-27-15

Due dates/homework:

  • Fishbowl Wednesday
  • Blog tomorrow
  • Ted talk topic Finalized by Wednesday
  • Watched the "My wish: Once Upon a School," by Dave Eggers
    • notice Ted Wish
  • Pecha-kucha, by Pink 
    • learn about the way to make a pecha-kucha
      • 20 slides in 5 minutes
  • Smith talked to individuals about their Ted talk topics.
  • 15 minutes of work time

Friday, April 24, 2015

April 24th, Period 5 Scribe - Kira White

*short class for pep assembly schedule*

Weekend Homework:

  • Watch a TED video, either free choice or the one about Stress linked here or on Smith's website 
  • Blog post 5 due Tuesday (or Monday if you don't want to turn it in Tuesday...?) Post to personal language arts blog
  • Read the next section of A Whole New Mind, Empathy with questions (one quote based) and annotations
  • Don't forget to get your schedule finished, signed, and turned in

  • Negative space
    • How do we use it everyday?
      • in text
      • in logos
  • How do our brains put pieces together to create new things?
    • cooking recipes
    • science experiments
    • has a function
    • looks good
    • works well
    • improve everything
  • Lazy people and anti-motivation
    • still be passionate but overwhelmed
  • Dyslexia
    • how does it actually affect people?
      • side note: Dan Pink is left-brained and struggles to learn in a right-brained manner, which is why he wrote the book; to prepare us for change in our world and to open our minds.
      • work a lot harder
  • Just because it's in the book doesn't mean it's necessarily true
  • Left Brain v. Right Brain
    • does it even exist?
    • who is he targeting with this book?
  • What's the meaning of Symphony?
    • big picture v. one piece of the picture
    • collaborate to create
    • What will happen after right brained people take over?
      • You can't be successful without left brained (strike a balance)
      • Is there a left brain and right brain population? What will happen to them? (silent majority)
      • can't have one without the other
  • "The guy who invented the wheel was an idiot, the guy who invented three more was a genius."
    • opinion: dumb quote
      • somebody needs to spark an interest, others can build off of it but it was still the first guy's idea
      • Henry Ford assembly line
      • idiot inventor, genius marketer?
  • Gender Stereotypes
    • depends on the person
    • girls more feeling, boys more thinking?
    • "when tests of masculinity/femininity are given to young people, over and over one finds that creative and talented girls are more dominant and tough than other girls, and creative boys are more sensitive and less aggressive than their male peers"
    • difference between thinking but judging
    • acceptance
  • Boundary Crossers
    • People who excel at multiple things will be more successful
    • Can you be successful without being versatile?
    • it doesn't matter how many things you are successful at
    • you have time to find what you are successful at
    • Will multitaskers be better at life? (girls better than boys?
    • Does cultural background matter?

Scribe, Friday, April 24

Today, the blog post 4 and three questions over "symphony" were due by the beginning of class.

We had a fishbowl on "symphony" in A Whole New Mind.

  • The discussion of "right vs. left brained people" continued 
    • questioning the correctness and purpose that Pink had
  • Linking this back to personality types
    • sensitive vs. intuitive
  • Doing things vs. Watching things being done and seeing how that teaches us differently and which one is "better" if one is.
  • Also the discussion of value (which is more valuable)
    • how it is all based upon perspective
    • which is more important
  • Girls vs. Guys in insecurities 
We also worked on the sticky notes, trying to tape them and finish them up.

Blog Post 5 (Choice) was moved to being due on Tuesday next week instead of Monday.

Have a good weekend! Stay safe and have fun!

AWNM Symphony Period 5

Live Blog AWNM Symphony Period 5

AWNM Symphony Period 3

Live Blog AWNM Symphony Period 3

Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 23, 2015 Scribe- Jackie Durnford

  • TED blog 4- due tomorrow, 
  • TED talk conferences: meet with Smith
  • Brainstorm ideas for TED talk:
    • Sarah Kay
      • What do you know to be true?
      • Compare lists?
      • What are you passionate about?
      • Watch TED talks: 10-11 and Ustream
  • HW: Read Symphony, Symphony Fishbowl tomorrow,: 3 questions: extensions, 1 quote question,  TED blog 5: free choice or possibly (Stress)
    Using Class Time wisely :-)
    Free Work Day-Smith encourages saving schedules for later and prioritizing TED talks

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Xavier Maier Period 3 Scribe - April 22, 2015

  • Registration Signatures for Honors English Classes
  • Scheduling Assistance from Mrs. Smith
  • Confusion over Late S/R Blog Posts- Make sure you are getting them in on time
  • Work Time on Blog
  • Began TED Talk Final conferences- basic thesis ideas, feedback from Mrs. Smith, start thinking about how to implement different things from the TED Talks we've watched into our own speech
    • Intro: Attention getter, background information, thesis claim
    • Supporting ideas, points, and content
    • TED challenge/wish
  • Homework
    • TED S/R Blog 4 due Friday 
    • Read "Symphony" from A Whole New Mind for Fishbowl on Friday, bring 3 questions (extensions), 1 of which is a quote based question
    • Think about what you want to do for Blog 5 next week

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Katherine Hill Scribe - April 21, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

Madison Wacaser 4/20 scribe

We did our fishbowl on Story of AWNM.
Inner circle talked about the difference between fact and story, and the 

Our third TED talk S/E is due tomorow.
Read Symphony so we can fishbowl Friday. 

AWNM Story Period 5

Live Blog AWNM Story Period 5

AWNM Story Period 3

Live Blog AWNM Story Period 3

Friday, April 17, 2015

Scott C. Cooke Scribe 4/17

In Class:

Work day to finish TED Talk S/R #2
Sticky note wonder woman was completed

For homework:

Read the chapter story from WNM;read and annotate with 3 critical thinking questions with one question being quote based due on Monday.
Fishbowl on Monday
Blog Post #3 due Tuesday

Read chapter Story from AWNM (read and annotate with 3 critical thinking questions (one quote based)): due Monday as well... we will have a fishbowl.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Scribe 4/16/15 Mackenzie Johnston P5


Today we went to the forum and learned a little about how scheduling works. We received our packets and learned that the first yellow page is due the 27th at 2:30. You then also must make your schedule online on portal. Make sure you have alternate courses in case they can't fit you into the class you want, especially essentials.

For homework...
Blog post #2 is due tomorrow but we will have time to work on it in class.
Start reading "7 reasons carrots and sticks (often) don't work": due Monday
Read chapter Story from AWNM (read and annotate with 3 critical thinking questions (one quote based)): due Monday as well... we will have a fishbowl.

Tomorrow we will watch an animation of Design from AWMN and then we will get the opportunity to finish the sticky note project!

Have a great day.

Julia Zelaya Scribe 4/16/15

In Class:
  • Registration meeting in the forum
    • Revived a packet with information
    • Ask your counselor if you have any questions
  • Second S/R due Friday
  • Work on Blog 2: Free Choice
  • Read: “Seven Reasons Carrots and Sticks (Often) Don’t Work”
  • Read Story: 3 questions: extensions, 1 quote question

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Aiden White Scribe - Period 3 - 4/15/15

In Class:

  • Pass Out "Seven Reasons Carrots and Sticks (Often) Don't Work . . . "
    • (Next excerpt from Drive)
  • Check TED Blog #1 (Sir Ken Robinson)
  • Fishbowl: Design

  • Read "Seven Reasons Carrots and Sticks (Often) Don't Work . . ."
  • Prepare for next fishbowl (3 Questions - 1 from text) - Monday
  • Blog #2 (Free choice) due by the end of class on Friday
  • Go to forum for counselor registration

AWNM Design Period 5

Live Blog AWNM Design Period 5

AWNM Design Period 3

Live Blog AWNM Design Period 3

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Collin Hayes Scribe 4/14/15

What we did:
Design in Politics
Watch Sir Ken Robinson TED talk
Work on Blog post 1: Ken Robinson
Read Design
Read "The Rise and Fall of Motivation 2.0"

Blog 1 due tomorrow
Read Design and three questions
Blog 2 due Friday

April 14 - Scribe by Katherine Hill Period 3

  • Passed out and read  “The Rise and Fall of Motivation 2.0”
  • Plus and Minus for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Logo “Design In Politics”
  • Watched Sir Ken Robinson “How School Kills Creativity” TED Talk
  • Worked on Sticky Notes
  • Homework
    • Sir Ken Robinson “How Schools Kill Creativity” TED Talk Summary Response Due Wednesday (Tomorrow)
      • Make sure it is posted to personal blog
    • Second TED Talk Summary Response Due Friday
    • Prepare for Fishbowl on Design (Wednesday)
      • 3 questions, one text based question
  • For more questions, look at Smith’s Blog
  • Google Celebrates the 155th Anniversary of the Pony Express with an interesting game

Monday, April 13, 2015

Allie Highsmith Scribe 4/12/15

Homework: Blog 1 (Sir Ken Robinson)- due Wednesday posted to personal blog, read design- prep 3 questions: 1 quote question

Hearing and vision testing
Scott's birthday
Mrs. Brock continued...

  • Thinking vs. Feeling
    • How to make decisions
      • thinking= objective mindset, very competitive 
      • feeling= rational decisions based on internal values, personal best
      • If your mom says that you can have a party with ten people, thinking types would easily go with the limit, but it'd be harder for a feeling type to do that.
      • Thinking types, when interested in something, tend to criticize it, whereas feeling types would just go with it unless the problem was very important.
      • More gender specific than any other categorization, about 50% of males are thinking types and 75% of females are feeling types.  
      • Grouped into categories of NT, NF, ST, SF, we said "some day we aspire to be..."
        • NF= Someday we aspire to spread peace, love, harmony, etc. 
        • NT= Someday we aspire to be more loaded than you. 
        • ST= Someday we aspire to succeed, explore the world, and do something important in life. (Win)
        • SF= Someday we aspire to be more loving, be successful, expand our mindsets, try new things and seek adventure, stand up for what we believe in, and be good to each other.  
      • When we mix the two middle types, it shows motivation.  
      • Sensing used paper vertically, Intuitive used horizontally. 
        • Sensing uses how they know, Intuitive uses however they want.  
      • Thinking want to win, Feeling want to improve world around them.  
  • Judging vs. Perceiving 
    • How to orient your world
      • Judging= love organization and control, all about deadlines perceiving= experiencing life, non-time-oriented 
      • How you are on vacation= perceiving take each day as it comes, judging is all about future
      • I can play anytime vs. I can play when my work is done

Friday, April 10, 2015

Scott Cooke Scribe 4/10

Scott Cooke Scribe
April 10, 2015:

In class:

  • Turn in “What’s your sentence?” today
  • Mrs. Brock came in and discussed personality types
    • Extraversion vs. Introversion
    • Sensing vs. Intuition
  • Get a jump on Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk S/R
  • Read the “Design” Chapter in WNM, 3 questions, extensions, and 1 quote question
  • Read “The puzzling puzzles of Harry Harlow and Edward Deci”

Meeting on Tuesday, April 14 for Honors at 6:45 or 2:30 in E9

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scribe P4 Mackenzie Johnston 4-9-15


Today, the schedule mostly consisted of the class outlining the 3 superheroes for our "art project".

However before that, we discussed how our fishbowls should be compared to yesterdays. Instead of making jokes and asking in-text questions, we should go out of the text, evaluate what the author is trying to convey, and push ourselves and the class to create a discussion that exceeds what is expected.

Homework tonight is:
   Print out sentence - Bring in tomorrow
   Start reading ONLY the chapter Design from AWNM (annotations, 3 critical thinking questions with one in text example) - Due Wednesday next week
   Take the BIGS test and Jung Typology Test and record results to bring in tomorrow - we are having someone come in to speak with us
    Contribute to the sticky note jar to help Smith with the expenses

If you have a B or A in this class, make sure if you want to do honors next year you go to the informational meeting on Tuesday the 14th at either 6:45 or 2:45. If you have a C, D or F, you must conference with Smith before moving on to honors next year.

You can also start on ideas for your TED talk and/or start on your summary/response for next week.

4/8/15- Scribe by Julia Zelaya

  •  Finish AWNM chapter design by Wednesday, 3 questions- one with a quote
  • bring drive sentence
  • Take personality test and bring results for Friday
  • Honors for next year signup: only sign up if going
    • If you have a C, D, or F you must meet with Mrs. Smith before signing up
  • Discussed the difference between a non-fiction fishbowl and a fiction fishbowl
    • Non-fiction fishbowl are more based on facts and other resources besides the book, while fiction fishbowl are strictly based on the book.
  • We cleaned for our sticky note project
    • We are having to order the black sticky notes and they should arrive Monday 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4/8/15- Scribe by Rachel Searle Period 3

4/8/15- Scribe by Rachel Searle

HW: finish AWNM chapter design by Wednesday, "What's your sentence" due Friday, fill out Honors form

design project with sticky notes: need lots of black sticky notes for Batman and Wonder Woman, collected money for sticky notes

fill out form for Honors American Lit unless you have a C, D, or F, and if so talk to Smith. Honors for next year signup For the question that asks: "I attended one of the mandatory informational sessions about Honors & A.P. classes on April 14th." click yes *(remember to attend one of the classes), For the question that asks: "In the box below, please paste a writing sample from your Language Arts' class this year. A multi-paragraph, literary analysis is preferable." answer: I am already in an Honors class *

take BIG 5 and Jung Typology Test by Friday

AWNM Fishbowl: Intro-chapter 3

Some of the questions from the fishbowl include:
Comment From Griffin Hampton
"how much IQ… accounts for career success" (page 57). Is career success everything? Isn't the pursuit of knowledge and understanding something more likely to make someone a professional? Where do professionals fit into all of this? 

Comment From Olivia Maloney
@Class: "These are fundamentally human abilities that everyone can master" (page 2) Do you think that everyone could really master them? All people? Or are there exceptions? 

Comment From Aiden W.
@ Class: Why do you think that people are so quick to define themselves as either Left- or Right-Brained? Personally, I don't identify with either more than the other and am surprised to learn that people seem to be quite proud of which they have identified themselves as. 

Lilly@ Class: In the future, could we possibly ever run out of information or creativity? 

AWNM Intro-3 Period 5

Live Blog AWNM Intro-3 Period 5

AWNM Intro-3 Period 3

Live Blog AWNM Intro-3 Period 3

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Olivia Maloney Scribe Pd.3 4/7/15

Make sure you have turned in your copy of Taming of the Shrew to Smith if you haven't already.

Next Thursday there will be counselors coming to talk to us about the scheduling process. And we will also be talking about moving onto Honors classes next year.

We looked at an article about decorating office walls with post-it notes and creating designs like Wonder Woman and Superman, and Smith believes it would be a very cool idea to do something like that in our classroom. Thoughts?

Bring in money to contribute to sticky notes. We will try to get this started on Thursday.

Painter's Tape: Izzy, Griffin, Smith
Sticky Notes: Allie
     -Wonder Woman and Batman : Bella, Tyla, Katherine

Today we continued watching "If I should have a daughter..." by Sarah Kay. A summary response is not required for this, but take some notes to help show the S/R format and possibly use for a future S/R.

What three things to do you know to be true? Generate some ideas.

Written on board:

Sarah Kay: “If I should have a daughter…”

Summary (⅓ or ¼ of essay writing) - NO opinions
-Topic Sentence
-Title, author, strong verb, main idea
-Main ideas: (Choose one to write about)
       -To go through life open rather than closed off.
-To go through life open mindedly, open handedly, with an open heart.
       -Stay simple in who you are and where you want to go.
-Make a list of 10 true things.

Response (⅔ or ¾ of essay writing)
-Topic sentence: title, author, strong verb, position & why (effectively portrays main idea & why)
-What matters
Personal: Acceptance, Missing out on stuff/miss details in life, what sadness  
   feels like
Education: See different perspectives, open to learning new things, progress
-Presentation, effectiveness: Passionate; words, gestures, tone. Specific quotes. She  
was real. Included audience. Metaphors.

How can I apply this TED talk to my own?


"What's your sentence?" Due by Friday, printed out landscape and big enough for everyone to read.

Read Intro-Chapter 3 Of A Whole New Mind due tomorrow for fishbowl. (3 questions; 1 quote specific)

Scribe Period 5 4/7/15 Eli Vincelette

Scribe for April, 7 2015

Talked about early planning of superhero sticky note drawings!
Need donations for sticky notes
Mia- Will do early graphing of Captain america
Summary: (short & concise)
-Topic Sentence: Has Title, author, strong verb, main ideas
If I had a daughter by Sarah Kay Conveys etc.
-Main Idea: Go through life open to possibilities. Experience life open mindedly, heartedly, handly. Stay simple to who and what you are
-Reviewing why it is the main idea
-Point is to get summary down to write articulate response -Smith
-Ten things I know to be true

Title, author, strong verb, position, and why
Sarah Kays if I had a daughter effectively portrays etc...
Extensions and push piece out to the big picture
Presentation Effectiveness
Real authenticity and includes audience
Juxtaposition of two plates
See different perspectives
Possibly Links to other websites?
How can I apply to my Ted Talk?
Concluding Sentence