Monday, April 13, 2015

Allie Highsmith Scribe 4/12/15

Homework: Blog 1 (Sir Ken Robinson)- due Wednesday posted to personal blog, read design- prep 3 questions: 1 quote question

Hearing and vision testing
Scott's birthday
Mrs. Brock continued...

  • Thinking vs. Feeling
    • How to make decisions
      • thinking= objective mindset, very competitive 
      • feeling= rational decisions based on internal values, personal best
      • If your mom says that you can have a party with ten people, thinking types would easily go with the limit, but it'd be harder for a feeling type to do that.
      • Thinking types, when interested in something, tend to criticize it, whereas feeling types would just go with it unless the problem was very important.
      • More gender specific than any other categorization, about 50% of males are thinking types and 75% of females are feeling types.  
      • Grouped into categories of NT, NF, ST, SF, we said "some day we aspire to be..."
        • NF= Someday we aspire to spread peace, love, harmony, etc. 
        • NT= Someday we aspire to be more loaded than you. 
        • ST= Someday we aspire to succeed, explore the world, and do something important in life. (Win)
        • SF= Someday we aspire to be more loving, be successful, expand our mindsets, try new things and seek adventure, stand up for what we believe in, and be good to each other.  
      • When we mix the two middle types, it shows motivation.  
      • Sensing used paper vertically, Intuitive used horizontally. 
        • Sensing uses how they know, Intuitive uses however they want.  
      • Thinking want to win, Feeling want to improve world around them.  
  • Judging vs. Perceiving 
    • How to orient your world
      • Judging= love organization and control, all about deadlines perceiving= experiencing life, non-time-oriented 
      • How you are on vacation= perceiving take each day as it comes, judging is all about future
      • I can play anytime vs. I can play when my work is done

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