Monday, April 6, 2015

Kinsey Kotsch Scribe 4/06/15

Scribe 4/06/15 Period 3
Kinsey Kotsch

  • New seating chart!
  • Sign up for A Whole New Mind  fishbowls
  • Watch a TED Talk (we have already seen this one) If I Should Have a Daughter by Sara Kay
  • "What's Your Sentence?" By this Friday
    • landscape, printed, words big enough to see
  • A Whole New Mind intro - chapter 3 (Due this Wednesday)
  • Introduction to our final this semester - 5 minute talk about "an idea worth spreading"
    • What are things that really matter to you?
    • Spread an idea worth spreading
  • Create a new document (can be shared with Smith)
    • Have three sections: Me, Education, and World
    • Write:
      I want to spread an idea worth spreading
      What am I passionate about?
      What do I desire?
      What drives me?
      What do I hope for?
    • Try to focus on ideas that make you excited; something that you can't get tired with
    • Aim to be above the "Gentleman's C" (you are guaranteed a C on the final if you do the minimum required) on the final
  • Use the TED Talk links on Smith's Daily Agenda for possible ideas
    • On the TED Talk page you can see the Expectations for blogging after you watch a TED Talk

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