Friday, April 24, 2015

April 24th, Period 5 Scribe - Kira White

*short class for pep assembly schedule*

Weekend Homework:

  • Watch a TED video, either free choice or the one about Stress linked here or on Smith's website 
  • Blog post 5 due Tuesday (or Monday if you don't want to turn it in Tuesday...?) Post to personal language arts blog
  • Read the next section of A Whole New Mind, Empathy with questions (one quote based) and annotations
  • Don't forget to get your schedule finished, signed, and turned in

  • Negative space
    • How do we use it everyday?
      • in text
      • in logos
  • How do our brains put pieces together to create new things?
    • cooking recipes
    • science experiments
    • has a function
    • looks good
    • works well
    • improve everything
  • Lazy people and anti-motivation
    • still be passionate but overwhelmed
  • Dyslexia
    • how does it actually affect people?
      • side note: Dan Pink is left-brained and struggles to learn in a right-brained manner, which is why he wrote the book; to prepare us for change in our world and to open our minds.
      • work a lot harder
  • Just because it's in the book doesn't mean it's necessarily true
  • Left Brain v. Right Brain
    • does it even exist?
    • who is he targeting with this book?
  • What's the meaning of Symphony?
    • big picture v. one piece of the picture
    • collaborate to create
    • What will happen after right brained people take over?
      • You can't be successful without left brained (strike a balance)
      • Is there a left brain and right brain population? What will happen to them? (silent majority)
      • can't have one without the other
  • "The guy who invented the wheel was an idiot, the guy who invented three more was a genius."
    • opinion: dumb quote
      • somebody needs to spark an interest, others can build off of it but it was still the first guy's idea
      • Henry Ford assembly line
      • idiot inventor, genius marketer?
  • Gender Stereotypes
    • depends on the person
    • girls more feeling, boys more thinking?
    • "when tests of masculinity/femininity are given to young people, over and over one finds that creative and talented girls are more dominant and tough than other girls, and creative boys are more sensitive and less aggressive than their male peers"
    • difference between thinking but judging
    • acceptance
  • Boundary Crossers
    • People who excel at multiple things will be more successful
    • Can you be successful without being versatile?
    • it doesn't matter how many things you are successful at
    • you have time to find what you are successful at
    • Will multitaskers be better at life? (girls better than boys?
    • Does cultural background matter?

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