Thursday, April 2, 2015

Griffin Hampton 4/1/15 Scribe

Happy April Fools

We started off with presenting our character analysis in class today. They can be seen on the back chalkboard of the classroom.

We reviewed Act 4 Scene 1& 2
-Petruchio is trying to break Katherine's pride by embarrassing her
       -He is also destroying Katherine's will by refusing to let her eat and sleep
       -Let her fall into the mud,
       -Treats his servants like she would treat other people - she is realizing how evil and rude she used to be
-Hortensio gave up on Bianca and is going to the "taming school" to watch Petruchio tame Katherine
      - Plans to marry a lusty, wealthy, country widow that loves him
      - Tries to discourage Lucentio from obtaining Bianca's love - points out how Bianca is flirting with a school teacher - isn't worth pursuing a girl who would drop to that level
       - Hortensio's efforts are useless

Class took the Quiz for Act 4 Scenes 1&2

Only a little more left in Act 4 Scene 3
Line 175

Buy a copy of A Whole New Mind or plan to just borrow one of Smith's books
Remember your WRP conference
Make sure your poetry and art is all set up to send to the elementary schoolers

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