Friday, April 24, 2015

Scribe, Friday, April 24

Today, the blog post 4 and three questions over "symphony" were due by the beginning of class.

We had a fishbowl on "symphony" in A Whole New Mind.

  • The discussion of "right vs. left brained people" continued 
    • questioning the correctness and purpose that Pink had
  • Linking this back to personality types
    • sensitive vs. intuitive
  • Doing things vs. Watching things being done and seeing how that teaches us differently and which one is "better" if one is.
  • Also the discussion of value (which is more valuable)
    • how it is all based upon perspective
    • which is more important
  • Girls vs. Guys in insecurities 
We also worked on the sticky notes, trying to tape them and finish them up.

Blog Post 5 (Choice) was moved to being due on Tuesday next week instead of Monday.

Have a good weekend! Stay safe and have fun!

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