Thursday, April 16, 2015

Scribe 4/16/15 Mackenzie Johnston P5


Today we went to the forum and learned a little about how scheduling works. We received our packets and learned that the first yellow page is due the 27th at 2:30. You then also must make your schedule online on portal. Make sure you have alternate courses in case they can't fit you into the class you want, especially essentials.

For homework...
Blog post #2 is due tomorrow but we will have time to work on it in class.
Start reading "7 reasons carrots and sticks (often) don't work": due Monday
Read chapter Story from AWNM (read and annotate with 3 critical thinking questions (one quote based)): due Monday as well... we will have a fishbowl.

Tomorrow we will watch an animation of Design from AWMN and then we will get the opportunity to finish the sticky note project!

Have a great day.

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