Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scribe P4 Mackenzie Johnston 4-9-15


Today, the schedule mostly consisted of the class outlining the 3 superheroes for our "art project".

However before that, we discussed how our fishbowls should be compared to yesterdays. Instead of making jokes and asking in-text questions, we should go out of the text, evaluate what the author is trying to convey, and push ourselves and the class to create a discussion that exceeds what is expected.

Homework tonight is:
   Print out sentence - Bring in tomorrow
   Start reading ONLY the chapter Design from AWNM (annotations, 3 critical thinking questions with one in text example) - Due Wednesday next week
   Take the BIGS test and Jung Typology Test and record results to bring in tomorrow - we are having someone come in to speak with us
    Contribute to the sticky note jar to help Smith with the expenses

If you have a B or A in this class, make sure if you want to do honors next year you go to the informational meeting on Tuesday the 14th at either 6:45 or 2:45. If you have a C, D or F, you must conference with Smith before moving on to honors next year.

You can also start on ideas for your TED talk and/or start on your summary/response for next week.

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