Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Scribe Period 5 4/7/15 Eli Vincelette

Scribe for April, 7 2015

Talked about early planning of superhero sticky note drawings!
Need donations for sticky notes
Mia- Will do early graphing of Captain america
Summary: (short & concise)
-Topic Sentence: Has Title, author, strong verb, main ideas
If I had a daughter by Sarah Kay Conveys etc.
-Main Idea: Go through life open to possibilities. Experience life open mindedly, heartedly, handly. Stay simple to who and what you are
-Reviewing why it is the main idea
-Point is to get summary down to write articulate response -Smith
-Ten things I know to be true

Title, author, strong verb, position, and why
Sarah Kays if I had a daughter effectively portrays etc...
Extensions and push piece out to the big picture
Presentation Effectiveness
Real authenticity and includes audience
Juxtaposition of two plates
See different perspectives
Possibly Links to other websites?
How can I apply to my Ted Talk?
Concluding Sentence

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