Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4/8/15- Scribe by Rachel Searle Period 3

4/8/15- Scribe by Rachel Searle

HW: finish AWNM chapter design by Wednesday, "What's your sentence" due Friday, fill out Honors form

design project with sticky notes: need lots of black sticky notes for Batman and Wonder Woman, collected money for sticky notes

fill out form for Honors American Lit unless you have a C, D, or F, and if so talk to Smith. Honors for next year signup For the question that asks: "I attended one of the mandatory informational sessions about Honors & A.P. classes on April 14th." click yes *(remember to attend one of the classes), For the question that asks: "In the box below, please paste a writing sample from your Language Arts' class this year. A multi-paragraph, literary analysis is preferable." answer: I am already in an Honors class *

take BIG 5 and Jung Typology Test by Friday

AWNM Fishbowl: Intro-chapter 3

Some of the questions from the fishbowl include:
Comment From Griffin Hampton
"how much IQ… accounts for career success" (page 57). Is career success everything? Isn't the pursuit of knowledge and understanding something more likely to make someone a professional? Where do professionals fit into all of this? 

Comment From Olivia Maloney
@Class: "These are fundamentally human abilities that everyone can master" (page 2) Do you think that everyone could really master them? All people? Or are there exceptions? 

Comment From Aiden W.
@ Class: Why do you think that people are so quick to define themselves as either Left- or Right-Brained? Personally, I don't identify with either more than the other and am surprised to learn that people seem to be quite proud of which they have identified themselves as. 

Lilly@ Class: In the future, could we possibly ever run out of information or creativity? 

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