Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Abby Grammer Per. 3 Scribe - April 28th

23 minute class period today


  • Read Empathy in "A Whole New Mind" (fishbowl is tomorrow) 
  • Have your final TED Talk subject by Friday 
  • TED Talk Intro due next Monday 
What We Did/Talked About in Class: 
  • How to make your TED Talk better and how to hold the attention of the audience. You have to be passionate about your subject. 
  • End with TED Wish - give things out, tell the audience to do something, make them remember your topic. 
  • Don't put tons of words up onto slides for TED presentation. Give visuals. 
  • We saw a few examples of presentations that were mostly photos and had examples of the main idea. Use pictures and maybe have an automatic transition between slides. 
  • Asked questions about presentations for TED Talks. 
  • You can have a video in your presentation. 

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