Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Xavier Maier Period 3 Scribe - April 22, 2015

  • Registration Signatures for Honors English Classes
  • Scheduling Assistance from Mrs. Smith
  • Confusion over Late S/R Blog Posts- Make sure you are getting them in on time
  • Work Time on Blog
  • Began TED Talk Final conferences- basic thesis ideas, feedback from Mrs. Smith, start thinking about how to implement different things from the TED Talks we've watched into our own speech
    • Intro: Attention getter, background information, thesis claim
    • Supporting ideas, points, and content
    • TED challenge/wish
  • Homework
    • TED S/R Blog 4 due Friday 
    • Read "Symphony" from A Whole New Mind for Fishbowl on Friday, bring 3 questions (extensions), 1 of which is a quote based question
    • Think about what you want to do for Blog 5 next week

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