Friday, October 31, 2014

Lillian Doan October 31 Scribe


  • SAT Lesson 8 Quiz, collect exercises and take quiz.
  • Peer edit intro and first using SAS Writing Revisor
  • Write Second body
    • A LongWay Gone
    • Othello
    • Lord of the Flies
    • Synthesis/ Analysis
  • Essential Question: To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?
  • HW: SAT quiz and exercises, outline, second body, rewrite intro and first body.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sofia Jauregui Scribe P.5 10/30/14

Oct 30 Scribe

1. The class reviewed HW:
            -SAT quiz tomorrow (make sure to know how to put the words into a sentence!)
            -Work on Essay (idealy, have intro paragraph done and first body outlined)

2. Jovan will be here Thursday 11/6 in the forum after school- stop by if you want help writing slam poetry for the competition or just to learn!

3. We briefly touched on what our final will be: (you don't need to start it at the moment)
           -it will be a performance of a piece of writing loosely based on the "This I Believe" Essay

4. Check out these websites for essay help
                -Purdue OWL- To help with any essay formatting
                -Lexipedia- To help you find just the right word or synonym

5. We went over MLA format for every essay we write. It should look like this:

Your Name
English 9 Honors-5
Essay Due Date (Written 5 November, 2014)
Cretive Title

6. The class went over what needs to be in the intro and first body paragraph*

7. The class got rubrics for the essay*

8. Last week's SAT quizzes and exercises were handed back

9. We all worked on our essays

*check Smith's calendar on Thursday for in depth examples the link is:

Scribe for October 31- Lillian Doan 3rd Period

Essential Question-
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?

Today is a work day! 
We are working on our intro paragraph and thesis statements for our essay. 
We are also working on our first body incorporating Othello, A Long Way Gone, Lord of the Flies, Synthesis/Analysis

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Molly Jordan Little

Essential question
To what extent to jealousy and betrayal rule our choices / lives or affect our relationships

SAT exercises, essay outline,  Sat test Friday, quotes from sources (cited properly) thesis statement completed and most likely intro paragraph done

Sat lesson 8
Went over questions:
number 2 exercise 3 answer proceed, stop

Done In Class Sign up
Submit paper through this site
All must go to
go create a student account (new student account)
purpose to cite sources and learn about plagiarism
class ID: 8977235
Password: Smith
Use real name
LPS email and password (something you will remember)
this is how you submit final paper in addition to printed out paper

We also watched a video on how connects to google drive (link in power point)

SAS writing revisor (ahswarriors) found in Smith’s Power Point
create your own account login (using LPS info) you can submit paper to this and the site will analyze your paper for you. (you can do this by section)

you can also go to her website under resources - writing reviser -  

We discussed
  • Set up syntheses essay
  • outline
  • Brainstorm Topics
  • Intro
  • Thesis review thesis requirements

For The Essay
Attention Getter- quote cited correctly
(use for citing sources)

Look under “A Long Way Gone” on her webpage- you can see sample essays

Attention Getter
explain it, but do not use lead in or explain ahead of time
explain what attention getter says
then have your thesis after

Thesis statements
title, author, strong verbs, restate question, answer, and why
examples from each book

Ideas discussed in class
what it means to be human
mischief backfires
loss of innocence/importance

loss of innocence as a result of revenge/ deception

anger affects relationships behavior to self/ relationships

causes loss of innocence
war background causes people to act differently and loss of innocence internal wars

manipulation/power of suggestion rule relationships

togetherness coming from tragedy and revenge

loss of innocence/mayhem changes humans

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scribe 10-28-14 Mackenzie Johnston P5

Scribe 10-28-14

Hello Class!

For homework tonight:
Smith suggests that you have an outline of both your thesis and intro paragraph
At the bare minimum you should have ideas about what your topic for the essay is
If you are ahead, a good place to be is- 1. already have your intro paragraph and thesis done and then have quotes for the first body paragraph
SAT #8 exercises and study

What did we do today?

  1. We watched the video poem, “Pass On” and analyzed it
    1. When you die, only your body goes. The poem recognizes that you become a wind.
    2. When you die, it means that your greatness was too much for your ‘vessel’.
    3. Related it to LWG, LOF, and Othello
  2. We read the poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and analyzed it
    1. Related it to both “Pass On” and LOF, Othello and LWG
  3. We read the poem, “War is Kind” and analyzed it
    1. Related it to both “Pass On,” “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” and LOF, LWG, and Othello
You can find all of these poems on Smith’s calendar on Week 11 Tuesday!

The rest of the class was dedicated to writing a poem or reflection/reaction to the pictures that child soldiers drew. You can find these pictures on Smith’s calendar today and on the blog.

Hope this helped any absentees…!

Mackenzie Johnston P5

Scribe Kenneth Messer English 9th Honors

Scribe -Kenneth Messer- English 9th Honors- Week 11 Tuesday
Date: 10/28/14
What We Did:
Poetry with LWG, Write Poetic reflections on depressing child soldier images. Connect to LWG with poems With: Nothing Gold can Stay & War is Kind. Listening to Spoken word poems giving out deep emotions.
Essential Questions: To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?

HW: SAT Outline: Quotes from sources properly cited, thesis statement, intro paragraph.

Sam W - Scribe - Thursday, Oct 28, Period 3

English 9 Honor - Week 11: Tuesday

Creative Pursuits Day - Poetry Work

Poetry Examples

Respond to Child Soldier Drawings  *(There is a Limited Number of Pages You Can View)*
Additionally, A Few Pictures Are Posted On Mrs. Smiths Blog

  • SAT
  • Outline
  • Thesis Statement
  • Intro Paragraph

Child Soldier Images


Picture from Poetry

Photo of Drawing From Child Soldier



Monday, October 27, 2014

LWG 18-end period 5

Live Blog LWG 18-end period 5

LWG 18-end period 3

Live Blog LWG 18-end period 3

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ji-Wei Ooi Scribe 10/24/14

 English 9 Honors Week 10: Friday
  • Celebrate my drive
  • Collect SAT exercises
  • SAT Quiz
  • Synthesis Paper Explanation and Outline
    • Outline due
    • Paper due
    • Brainstorm 
  • Check 12-17 questions
  • Poster work
  • Read chapters 20-21 (Long Way Gone)
    • Annotations
    •  Ask questions (5 over 12-17)
    • Make connections
  • 10/24- Brainstorm
  • 10/25- Intro/thesis
  • 10/26-1
  • 10/27-1
  • 10/28-2
  • 10/29-2
  • 10/30-Conclusion
  • 10/31-Conclusion- Binder
  • 11/1
  • 11/2
  • 11/3
Essential Question
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?>

Read and annotate Long Way Gone 20-21, 5 questions over 18-end, higher level thinking/connections to Othello, etc..., Fishbowl on Monday, synthesis paper. 

Othello: Desdemona, killed wife
Jack: Ralph, formed own group
Jack/Iago: Betrayed leadership, put themselves 1st

Villain over hero
Iago/Othello- words/honesty
Jack/Ralph-fear/idea of words

Dependency/ trust (misplaced trust)
Othello depends on Iago's honesty
Ralph- Jack provides food/safety
Trust between adults-teens. Army makes boys dependent for survival.

Power of Suggestion
Jack hunting plan/beast exists
Iago- Desdemona cheating
LWG- I is in village, work or leave, bring in dead bodies to show you better join up or die.

LOF- All boys because of savagery
Othello- Women as objects.
Boys- soldiers.
Rape women.

By desires, by power, by words
LWG- Get boys to fight get boys to see trees as people who killed friends and family.

Loss of Innocence
LOF- Piggy, Simon, all boys- used by peers. Make boys- boy soldiers.

Anger: Escalation of events
Jack created state of anarchy
Othello thinks Desdemona cheating with Cassio

War: Background element
Microcosm, WWII or Jack v Ralph, Allied v Axis, Othello v Cassio v Iago v everybody, Turks v Venetians, everybody v trust. War changes "i" as a person- boy- boy soldier. Killing others, sees death.

Jack- Ralph
Iago- Cassio

Revenge: Changes person's ideas
Othello hitting Desdemona- Cheating and jealousy
Jack- savage- doesn't have Ralph's power
LWG- Boys seek revenge because of soldiers killing their family members.

Power of Words
Iago's lies- Desdemona, Othello, Emilia, Cassio
Jack's perpetuation- BEAST, "fear"
"This is the person who killed your family.?

Othello tries to justify anger with proof, treats Desdemona as object.
LWG- Each side of war has reasons to fight.
LOF- Killing of Simon

Everything returns
LOF- Boys with beginning, return boys in England but changed.
Othello- Rejoined Desdemona in death, mourned- died- bond together.
LWG- Boys with beginning, return to family after war.
All separated from reality but return to reality through war and death.

LWG- What war really is, beginning of story to end.
LOF- Boys, fear, killing changes them.
Othello- Iago's lies change Othello to kill Desdemona, trust.

Othello- Desdemona cheating
LOF- On their own fear of evil within.
LWG- Fear of war and killing.

Identity changes
LOF- Jack- choir leader- hunter leader
Othello- Strong wise commander- broken murderer
LWG- I- rapper, shiny forehead- boy soldier.

Othello- Became a savage, kills Desdemona.
LWG- Savage soldiers because provide for themselves.
LOF- Boys on their own, out of control.

Loss of emotion/wisdom
Othello- Doesn't feel for Desdemona, objectifies her. Stops believing his wife, Desdemona doesn't tell Othello that he killed her.
LOF- Jack stops caring, he has to hurt. Death of Piggy- savagery taken over.
LWG- I doesn't who he has to kill. Boys ok to kill elders they respected before, loss of Junior- wisdom leaver,

Passing of Power
Othello- Othello gave potion away to Cassio, Iago mad.



Kinsey Kotsch Period 3 Scribe 10/24/14

Scribe 10/24/14

Agenda: Primarily a brain storming day
-fill out the Celebrate My Drive form on Smith’s webpage
-go over synthesis paper
    -explanation and outline
-SAT 7 quiz
-Check 12-17 questions
-Poster work
-Start reading chapters 20-21

  • Betrayal
    • commander betrayal - Ish is sent to rehabilitation
    • his country betraying him; forcing him to fight
    • Internal Betrayal, innocence betrayed to adapt
  • Trust- b/c all characters don't trust one another
    • society crumbles
  • Power/ Objects
    • guns
    • cassette tapes
    • handkerchief
    • conch
  • Prejudice
    • Iago uses against Othello *moor
    • LWG - prejudice against government army to motivate, prejudice against civilians during rehab
    • LOF we should be better because we are English; leaders, Big ones and little ones
  • Dependency- These points all led to downfall
    • LWG - depends on friends, drugs
    • LOF - Ralph; depends on bigguns/littluns to do jobs
    • Othello- depends on Iago for information
  • Fear- 2 points(fear within us, and outside forces)
    • LWG - Rebel army (life/country/death)
    • Othello - Desdemona will leave; not honest (broken heart, misplaced trust)
    • LOF- Beast, evil is in themselves (fear within)-different type of fear
  • Stereotype: We are able to easily manipulate others; based upon actions/truths, mind jumps to fill in missing information
    • LOF - youth
    • LWG- government army/civilians
    • Othello- Prejudice, gender, race, moor, women
  • Manipulation
    • LOF - Jack manipulates Roger
    • Othello- Iago manipulates Roderigo and Emilia
    • LWG - Ish by drugs, Lt., and environment
  • War
    • LWG- physical war gave Ishmael mental problems
    • LOF - friendships/relationships
    • Othello- manipulated mentally by iago, love, led to killing Desdemona

Homework for tonight: Read and annotate LWG chapters 20-21, 5 questions over 18-end (higher level thinking questions/connections to Othello etc), Fishbowl is on Monday!!! Synthesis paper, try to have the thesis done by this Saturday 10/25

Synthesis Essay Attention-Getter by Ryan Snow

Hello. I wrote an acrostic poem essay paragraph thing for my attention-getting element in my synthesis essay. Hope you all can use it for inspiration if you're getting writer's block in that area of your essay. It would not format correctly in this document, but I shall put a link to it below. Enjoy!
-Ryan Snow

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sofia Jauregui Scribe P.5 10/23/14

Scribe for Oct. 23, 2014

1. Go over HW for tonight
2. Fishbowl discussion for the rest of class

Fishbowl inner circle discussion topics: 
What role do the drugs play in Beah's loss of innocence?
What effect do the movies have on the boy's realities?
How does our environment affect our desires?
Why is having a father/mother figure important for Beah?
What were the boy's motives for fighting?
            How does how the commanders convince the boys to fight affect their state of mind?
Why was Beah so upset when UNICEF took him away?
What is the imporatance of the staff saying "It's not your fault"?
Why were children chosen to be soldiers?
How does the army being a "family" help keep the kids fighting?
What is the symbolism of the cassettes?
What is the importance of a sense of belonging?
What is the importance of Beah seeing compassion?
Does Esther take on the role of a mother figure?
What is the difference between Beah becoming savage and Jack?
How were the boys manipulated into believing in their cause?
Which aspects in Ishmeal's life were his Simon and Piggy?

1. Finish ALWG for Monday with 5?s
2. Work on synthesis outline- try to finish thesis and find quotes- Essay is due Nov 5 
3. SAT (study synonyms as well)

Allie Highsmith Scribe 10/23/14 E9H P3

Homework: Read and annotate LWG 18-19, 5 questions over 18-end (Higher level thinking questions/connections to Othello, LWG, LoF), Synthesis outline.

Make sure to fill out the Celebrate My Drive form on Smith's website!

Today, we fishbowled.
You can look at the CoverItLive for the Outer Circle Discussion.
Some main ideas and questions were...

  • There is no good side in the war in Sierra Leone.  
    • The "good side" is doing the same thing as the LRA.
      • Ishmael's side has good ideas at first, but is lead astray.
      • Partly because of power of a gun.  
        • He went from running from men with guns to being one of them. 
  • What does the loss of Ishmael's cassette tapes symbolize?
    • It could represent the loss of his childhood.
      • Somewhat replaced by guns and drugs. 
  • War video games do/do not encourage war and fighting.
    • See CoverItLive
    • Many different opinions upon the subject. 
  • The mentality of "It couldn't happen to me"
    • Many people not only in the LWG but also in the Holocaust knew that the war was happening but did not think that it could possibly happen to them. 
  • Desensitization with killing
    • Ishmael tells his tale so factually.
    • In order to deal with tragedies and telling them, must we detach ourselves from our emotions?
      • Do we need to emotionally cut ourselves off in order to recount a tale of violence?
    • Did doing so many drugs mask the emotions of Ishmael and his friends?  
      • Only after he wasn't doing drugs anymore did the guilt and realization hit him that he had killed so many people. 
    • Motivation for killing came from rage of the loss of his family.  
    • Ishmael says things so bluntly. 
      • From Pierce: It really bothered me that he writes so bluntly.  Really, it is a very big deal to be doing drugs and killing people.  H stalks about it as if he's going on a walk. 
  • Symbolism of sky and moon
    • Beah is trying to get across to the reader that at the time when he first noticed the moon, he was a child and full of hope. 
    • From Griffin: "'In some way my journey was like that of the moon's' he talks about how the moon shines right through all the clouds that try to cover it." 
    • From Tyla: "It is also detached from everything else.  It stands alone."
  • Many children today are punished far more than kids 30 years ago.
    • Smith talked about her childhood vs. ours. 
    • Very different day and age.  
      • Much more high stakes.  
  • How does where you live and your environment affect who you are and who you will become?
    • One must adapt.
    • From Scott: Who Iago is around and where he is affects who he acts.  When he is around Othello, he is a caring friend.  When with Roderigo, he lets out his real personality. 
      • Much of who you become comes from your parents.  When kids live with too many rules, they often "go off the deep end" when given freedom in high school. From Sam W: In LOF, it's not that there are no rules, it's that they are ignoring those that they have.  
    • Cultural identity also affects who you become. 
      • It's why Ishmael fought for his country.  
That's all.  

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Katie Franklin P5 Scribe 10/22/14

Katie Franklin - Period 5 Scribe - 10/22/2014

Mr. Rosenberg was our substitute for today.

  • Safe driving pledge
  • SAT 7 Questions
    • Exercise 3, Question 4: Embolism
  • Work on LOTF/Othello/ALWG synthesis outline & essay or read chapters 12-17 & prepare five questions for the fishbowl tomorrow


  • Read & annotate ALWG chapters 12-17
  • Five high-level questions/connections to Othello/LOTF
  • SAT 7
  • Work on synthesis essay outline

Madeleine Cannon Period 3 Scribe 10/22/14

October 22, 2014

Today we had a sub, Mr. Rosenberg. We started class by making a safe driving commitment on this site. We then went over SAT week 7 questions. (Questions that were asked are answered below)

Exercise 3: 
1. C. Mesoamerica: middle of america, Central America
2. measures, speed
3. mediocre, intermediate
4. embolism, hyperbole
5. Probe, probably

Exercise 5: Improving Paragraphs
3. D. Enclose the quoted material with quotation marks.
4. E. Sentence 5
5. D. Paragraph 8

After SAT questions we worked on the Synthesis outline, read chapters 12-17 of A Long Way Gone, or worked on SAT exercises for the rest of the period.

Homework tonight is: Read and annotate chapters 15-17 of A Long Way Gone, have 5 higher level thinking questions over chapters 12-17 with connections to Othello and Lord of the Flies, SAT exercises for Lesson 7 are due Friday, SAT quiz on Friday (Remember we need to know synonyms this week), and synthesis outline.

LWG 12-17 period 5

Live Blog LWG 12-17 period 5

LWG 12-17 period 3

Live Blog LWG 12-17 period 3

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scribe Kenneth Messer October 21st

-Kenneth Messer-English 9th Honors -Week 10 Tuesday
Date: 10/21/14
What We Did:
-Google Doc Othello/LOF/A Long Way Gone Essay Outline Overview.
“Use writing to manipulate ideas and thoughts.” Creative out of the box thinking, changing perspective of reader.
-Did you get your email into google classroom? If not sign up onto it with your gmail account and join the class announcements.
Begin preparing research, and topic, for synthesis paper outline.
questions, annotate and make connections to other works of literature read earlier in the the school year.
Essential Questions: To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?
HW: -Read Chapters 12-14 of “A Long Way Gone.” Develope 5 higher level thinking
SAT 7 Work & Study Test on Friday
Bring LOF & Othello for Synthesis Paper