Monday, October 20, 2014

Katherine Hill - Period 3 Scribe - Monday, October 20

  • Papers handed back
    • Lesson 6 Vocab
    • Debate Rubric
    • Othello / Lord of the Flies / Long Way Gone
  • Read this weeks vocab words
    • Lesson 7 on page 79
    • Code for class: 4elv2p3
    • Has homework and announcements
    • Class can have discussions
  • Fishbowl
    • Look at CoveritLive for discussion
    • Main Questions
      • When this is all over which will be worse, the mental or physical scars? Why?
      • How has Beah changed throughout the book? How do you think not having his family with him affects him?
      • Why is it that the two men who help Ishmael and his friends don't give their names to the boys? Does this make these people even more memorable to Ishmael?
      • Do you think Ishmael is safer when he is in town, surrounded by people, or when he's by himself, lost in the forest?
      • What do you think would have happened if Ishmael and his friends had not stopped to help Gasemu carry bananas to the village?
      • The motivation of fear on a human and how it connects to the other books we have read.
      • With that survival of the fittest, is it the fittest or who has power, or who was lucky enough to escape?
  • Homework
    • Read and annotate Long Way Gone 12-17
      • 5 Higher Level Questions
        • Connect questions to Othello, Lord of the Flies, etc.
      • Recommended:  Read 12-14 tonight
    • Vocab Test on Friday
    • Vocab Exercises due Friday

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