Thursday, October 16, 2014

Griffin Hampton - Period 3 Scribe - 10/15/14

Today was the PSAT so the class was only 28 minutes.

The first order of business was to make sure you have shared your Parent Teacher Conference Letters with Mrs. Smith if you haven't already.

The majority of the class was spent reading and analyzing the poems "Man" by Eberhard Arnold and "The Survival" by Edmund Blunden. The objective was to make connections between the two poems and Othello, A Long Way Gone, and The Lord of the Flies.

Homework: Read and annotate Chapters 6-11 of A Long Way Gone and prepare for a fishbowl on Monday if you signed up for it. Finish Parent Teacher Conference Letters. Get started on preparing the essay that compares Othello, The Lord of the Flies, and A Long Way Gone. You can find the outline if you go to Mrs. Smith's website and go to the A Long Way Gone tab.

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