Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Grififn Hampton Scribe 10/1/14

Today was a PLC day.

Lilly and her group received their baked goods from Mrs. Smith.

We answered the Online profile question - it can be found on or you can go to Mrs. Smith's website and find the link on her Week 7 Agenda

Then we worked on SAT questions:
-Exercise 1: Part 2: deference, elegy, sanguine, ebullient, panegyric
-Exercise 2: (Part 1: f. to set on), (Part 2: petrified, stone wall, stone), (Part 3: either you "stand under" challenges or you "stand under" the population and maintain it), (Part 4: petroleum)
-Exercise 5: (2:C), (3:B), (4:C)

Later we finished Othello - Discussion:
Unsettling that the heros and all the pure innocent people died while they villians survived
- similarity to LOF - did piggy and Simon need to die like Desdemona
Does life every get wrapped up in a nice little package

Homework: SAT 5, Copy of Long Way Gone

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