Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Collin Hayes Scribe September 30

Essential Question:
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/ lives or affect our relationships?


  • scribe
  • Lily and group: home baked goodies
  • Graph and record scores for S/R 4; what can you do to improve?
  • Finish Act 5:
  1. assign notes
  2. act out
  3. discuss along
  • review
Homework:SAT 5 questions, copy of Long Way Gone


S/R Tips:
Summary: Big idea in summary should be in topic sentence and plot should be after. Big Idea is a theme, not specific to certain character and plot is specific to a certain character. One paragraph summary. No opinion in summary, save opinion for the response.

Response: One big paragraph response. Even though, rebuttal phrases have personal words like "we cannot deny" or "I used to think" we can manipulate them to say "It's undeniable that" or "It is plausible to think." Instead of using because in the topic sentence you could use another way to explain why without saying because. First thing after quote explain your interpretation of the quote without saying "This quote means..." then connect the quote to your argument. After that connect to the thesis of the entire Response. Make sure you have a singular concluding sentence at the end of the response. The concluding sentence should be big idea because topic sentence is big idea. Period on citation should always be after citation and not inside quotation marks unless it is an exclamation point or a question mark. Citation should say (Shakespeare Act.Scene.Lines). Connect quotes to other scenes with evidence and makes inferences and go beyond what the text says. 

Read Act 5 of Othello Act 5 from beginning to Act 5, Scene 2, Line 107

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