Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday September 8

Julia Zelaya Scribe

Homework: Conference, SAT Exercises, S/R posted by tomorrow before class

What did we do?
  • Went over new Vocab (Lesson 2)
  • Finish reading Act 1 for Othello
    • Big Ideas From Act 1
      • Othello and Desdemona's relationship (no common ground)
      • Iago: reason, skill, plan to manipulate, but lacks money
      • Iago: racial prejudice, cultural prejudice
      • Iago: master manipulator for only his gain
        • Has nothing to loose
      • Iago: Two faces
        • Faithful, friend, servant and devious, revengeful
      • Othello's rises to power
        • Soldier
        • Friend
        • Husband
  • Work on S/R of Act 1

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  1. Scribe for Monday, September 8th By Anna McCollister


    Summary response to be posted before class tomorrow
    SAT exercises and quiz on Friday

    In class

    We reviewed the vocabulary for lesson 2 on page 25
    We finished Act 1
    Discussion: On page 52 (in my book) Iago appears to show true friendship towards Rodrigo, but then on page 58 we see how he is really more of a deceptive person when he talks about wanting Rodrigo for money.
    How to cite: ““ (Shakespeare, act. Scene. Lines)
    We then worked on our Summary Response with our partner for the rest of class.