Monday, September 29, 2014

Mackenzie Johnston 9-29-14 Scribing

9-29-14 Scribing
Mackenzie Johnston

Homework: Sat 5 Exercises, Review Act 5 of Othello, purchase a copy of Long Way Gone- bring to class on Friday
Update S/R chart with graded S/R Act 4 of Othello
Check for your grade- should be graded by Wednesday

What did we do today?
  • Voted for best group and best individuals based on Othello performances
    • Best Group Nominations:
      • Office group- Sofia and Abby H.
      • Old Time group- Alicia, Aden, Collin, Kelly
      • Ghetto group- Anna M., Annabel, Anna, Moly, Katie
      • By Herself- Emily
    • Best Individual Nominations:
      • Anna M.
      • Eli
      • Mackenzie
      • Emily K.
      • Jay
    • Best Group Winner
      • Tie between Office and Ghetto
    • Best Individual
      • Tie between Eli and Jay
  • We wrote quotes on the wall from Act 4
  • We went over Lesson 5 vocabulary words
The rest of the class we watched Othello

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