Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rachel Green Scribe for September 30th


Graph and record scores for S/R 4 and write down what you can do to improve.  We wrote on the board anything that we repeatedly were missing in the categories of Summary or Response.

Citation and Lead-in: Remember to have a lead-in that ends with a comma, followed by the quote.  Before the period at the end of the quote, put parentheses around the author and the page number, with the period outside the parentheses.  Exclamation points or question marks can be included in the quote, but there is still a period after the parentheses.

Proof-Reading: You could swap S/Rs and proof-read each others.  You could also take a break and come back with a fresh mind.  You could even take an entire night and read it again the next day.  You could print it out and mark it up with a pen.  Read through for both big ideas and grammar.  Read it out loud.

Expanding on Quote: What is quote saying?  Connect the quote to the point of the paragraph.

Expanding Rebuttal:Spend more time on your point than on the opposing point.

Read to the line "Where is this rash and most unfortunate man?"; assigned roles, acted out, and discussed as going along


SAT 5 Questions
We are starting A Long Way Gone so if you want to read from your own book, bring it to class on Friday

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