Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Annie Betts Scribe September 24, 2014

Annie Betts Scribe
Essential Question:
  • To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect of relationships?

  • Look over S/R good and examples needing improvement
      • Common errors
        • summary topic sentence: main idea
        • concise summary
        • punctuate title correctly
        • response topic sentence response: why
        • lead-ins
        • citations
        • explanations: explain quote, connect to topic sentence
        • rebuttal
      • How can we fix these errors?
  • Work on S/R Act 4
  • Act 4 S/R due Monday
  • SAT Lesson 4 Exercises and Quiz Friday
  • Meet in Forum tomorrow
What Did We Do?
  • Talked about location of the Forum (near stairs that lead to the science wing)
  • Finished performances of Othello Act 3 Reader's Theater
  • Asked questions concerning SAT Lesson 4 Exercises
  • Graphed progress on S/R responses
    • Included scores and feedback
  • S/R Tips
    • Summary
      • Use strong verb in topic sentence from strong verb list
      • Discuss the big picture in the topic sentence
      • Use ctrl + F to find personal words and replace them
      • Connect topic sentence to body paragraph by stating the main topic and include examples of the main topic in body

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