Thursday, September 25, 2014

Abby Grammer Scribe 9/25/14

What We Did In Class Today: 
  • Met in the forum with a couple of other classes. 
  • Watched a power point about what classes we have to take and how many credits we need to have to graduate from Arapahoe high school. 
  • We were told that whatever we did in high school, from now on, affects how good a college we can get into. 
  • Talked about tests we will take in the following years of high school. 
  • We need to be in the higher 
  • You can find the power point online on the Arapahoe website. 
  • Get involved in activities like clubs and swimming and music to get a better. 
  • We then went back to the classroom and talked about summary responses. We talked about the things we struggled on most like quotes and the rebuttal progressions. p

  • Summary Response Act #4 due Monday. 
  • Vocabulary (SAT) due tomorrow. Quizzes! 

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