Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sofia Jauregui Scribe P.5 10/23/14

Scribe for Oct. 23, 2014

1. Go over HW for tonight
2. Fishbowl discussion for the rest of class

Fishbowl inner circle discussion topics: 
What role do the drugs play in Beah's loss of innocence?
What effect do the movies have on the boy's realities?
How does our environment affect our desires?
Why is having a father/mother figure important for Beah?
What were the boy's motives for fighting?
            How does how the commanders convince the boys to fight affect their state of mind?
Why was Beah so upset when UNICEF took him away?
What is the imporatance of the staff saying "It's not your fault"?
Why were children chosen to be soldiers?
How does the army being a "family" help keep the kids fighting?
What is the symbolism of the cassettes?
What is the importance of a sense of belonging?
What is the importance of Beah seeing compassion?
Does Esther take on the role of a mother figure?
What is the difference between Beah becoming savage and Jack?
How were the boys manipulated into believing in their cause?
Which aspects in Ishmeal's life were his Simon and Piggy?

1. Finish ALWG for Monday with 5?s
2. Work on synthesis outline- try to finish thesis and find quotes- Essay is due Nov 5 
3. SAT (study synonyms as well)

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