Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kira White Scribe 10-15-2014

PSAT day - short class
  • share or complete PTC letters if needed
  • The Survival: Edmund Blunden
  • Man Eberhard Arnold
    • Poetry and LWG
    • connect images, thoughts, ideas, to Othello, LWG, LOF
    • paste poems into a Google Doc and share with Smith directly
      • poetry - loss of innocence, gender, power, etc.
      • pair up with 3 other people and share a document
  • Reading time of LWG chapters 6-11
  • Homework: Read and annotate Long Way Gone 6-11, 5 questions over 6-11, higher level thinking questions/connections to Othello, LOF, etc..., trace essential questions, Parent Teacher Conference letter. 
  • Start thinking about outline for comparison paper to be able to work on essay next week in class.

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