Friday, October 24, 2014

Kinsey Kotsch Period 3 Scribe 10/24/14

Scribe 10/24/14

Agenda: Primarily a brain storming day
-fill out the Celebrate My Drive form on Smith’s webpage
-go over synthesis paper
    -explanation and outline
-SAT 7 quiz
-Check 12-17 questions
-Poster work
-Start reading chapters 20-21

  • Betrayal
    • commander betrayal - Ish is sent to rehabilitation
    • his country betraying him; forcing him to fight
    • Internal Betrayal, innocence betrayed to adapt
  • Trust- b/c all characters don't trust one another
    • society crumbles
  • Power/ Objects
    • guns
    • cassette tapes
    • handkerchief
    • conch
  • Prejudice
    • Iago uses against Othello *moor
    • LWG - prejudice against government army to motivate, prejudice against civilians during rehab
    • LOF we should be better because we are English; leaders, Big ones and little ones
  • Dependency- These points all led to downfall
    • LWG - depends on friends, drugs
    • LOF - Ralph; depends on bigguns/littluns to do jobs
    • Othello- depends on Iago for information
  • Fear- 2 points(fear within us, and outside forces)
    • LWG - Rebel army (life/country/death)
    • Othello - Desdemona will leave; not honest (broken heart, misplaced trust)
    • LOF- Beast, evil is in themselves (fear within)-different type of fear
  • Stereotype: We are able to easily manipulate others; based upon actions/truths, mind jumps to fill in missing information
    • LOF - youth
    • LWG- government army/civilians
    • Othello- Prejudice, gender, race, moor, women
  • Manipulation
    • LOF - Jack manipulates Roger
    • Othello- Iago manipulates Roderigo and Emilia
    • LWG - Ish by drugs, Lt., and environment
  • War
    • LWG- physical war gave Ishmael mental problems
    • LOF - friendships/relationships
    • Othello- manipulated mentally by iago, love, led to killing Desdemona

Homework for tonight: Read and annotate LWG chapters 20-21, 5 questions over 18-end (higher level thinking questions/connections to Othello etc), Fishbowl is on Monday!!! Synthesis paper, try to have the thesis done by this Saturday 10/25

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