Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sofia Jauregui Scribe P.5 10/30/14

Oct 30 Scribe

1. The class reviewed HW:
            -SAT quiz tomorrow (make sure to know how to put the words into a sentence!)
            -Work on Essay (idealy, have intro paragraph done and first body outlined)

2. Jovan will be here Thursday 11/6 in the forum after school- stop by if you want help writing slam poetry for the competition or just to learn!

3. We briefly touched on what our final will be: (you don't need to start it at the moment)
           -it will be a performance of a piece of writing loosely based on the "This I Believe" Essay

4. Check out these websites for essay help
                -Purdue OWL- To help with any essay formatting
                -Lexipedia- To help you find just the right word or synonym

5. We went over MLA format for every essay we write. It should look like this:

Your Name
English 9 Honors-5
Essay Due Date (Written 5 November, 2014)
Cretive Title

6. The class went over what needs to be in the intro and first body paragraph*

7. The class got rubrics for the essay*

8. Last week's SAT quizzes and exercises were handed back

9. We all worked on our essays

*check Smith's calendar on Thursday for in depth examples the link is:

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