Friday, October 24, 2014

Ji-Wei Ooi Scribe 10/24/14

 English 9 Honors Week 10: Friday
  • Celebrate my drive
  • Collect SAT exercises
  • SAT Quiz
  • Synthesis Paper Explanation and Outline
    • Outline due
    • Paper due
    • Brainstorm 
  • Check 12-17 questions
  • Poster work
  • Read chapters 20-21 (Long Way Gone)
    • Annotations
    •  Ask questions (5 over 12-17)
    • Make connections
  • 10/24- Brainstorm
  • 10/25- Intro/thesis
  • 10/26-1
  • 10/27-1
  • 10/28-2
  • 10/29-2
  • 10/30-Conclusion
  • 10/31-Conclusion- Binder
  • 11/1
  • 11/2
  • 11/3
Essential Question
To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?>

Read and annotate Long Way Gone 20-21, 5 questions over 18-end, higher level thinking/connections to Othello, etc..., Fishbowl on Monday, synthesis paper. 

Othello: Desdemona, killed wife
Jack: Ralph, formed own group
Jack/Iago: Betrayed leadership, put themselves 1st

Villain over hero
Iago/Othello- words/honesty
Jack/Ralph-fear/idea of words

Dependency/ trust (misplaced trust)
Othello depends on Iago's honesty
Ralph- Jack provides food/safety
Trust between adults-teens. Army makes boys dependent for survival.

Power of Suggestion
Jack hunting plan/beast exists
Iago- Desdemona cheating
LWG- I is in village, work or leave, bring in dead bodies to show you better join up or die.

LOF- All boys because of savagery
Othello- Women as objects.
Boys- soldiers.
Rape women.

By desires, by power, by words
LWG- Get boys to fight get boys to see trees as people who killed friends and family.

Loss of Innocence
LOF- Piggy, Simon, all boys- used by peers. Make boys- boy soldiers.

Anger: Escalation of events
Jack created state of anarchy
Othello thinks Desdemona cheating with Cassio

War: Background element
Microcosm, WWII or Jack v Ralph, Allied v Axis, Othello v Cassio v Iago v everybody, Turks v Venetians, everybody v trust. War changes "i" as a person- boy- boy soldier. Killing others, sees death.

Jack- Ralph
Iago- Cassio

Revenge: Changes person's ideas
Othello hitting Desdemona- Cheating and jealousy
Jack- savage- doesn't have Ralph's power
LWG- Boys seek revenge because of soldiers killing their family members.

Power of Words
Iago's lies- Desdemona, Othello, Emilia, Cassio
Jack's perpetuation- BEAST, "fear"
"This is the person who killed your family.?

Othello tries to justify anger with proof, treats Desdemona as object.
LWG- Each side of war has reasons to fight.
LOF- Killing of Simon

Everything returns
LOF- Boys with beginning, return boys in England but changed.
Othello- Rejoined Desdemona in death, mourned- died- bond together.
LWG- Boys with beginning, return to family after war.
All separated from reality but return to reality through war and death.

LWG- What war really is, beginning of story to end.
LOF- Boys, fear, killing changes them.
Othello- Iago's lies change Othello to kill Desdemona, trust.

Othello- Desdemona cheating
LOF- On their own fear of evil within.
LWG- Fear of war and killing.

Identity changes
LOF- Jack- choir leader- hunter leader
Othello- Strong wise commander- broken murderer
LWG- I- rapper, shiny forehead- boy soldier.

Othello- Became a savage, kills Desdemona.
LWG- Savage soldiers because provide for themselves.
LOF- Boys on their own, out of control.

Loss of emotion/wisdom
Othello- Doesn't feel for Desdemona, objectifies her. Stops believing his wife, Desdemona doesn't tell Othello that he killed her.
LOF- Jack stops caring, he has to hurt. Death of Piggy- savagery taken over.
LWG- I doesn't who he has to kill. Boys ok to kill elders they respected before, loss of Junior- wisdom leaver,

Passing of Power
Othello- Othello gave potion away to Cassio, Iago mad.



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