Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scribe 10-28-14 Mackenzie Johnston P5

Scribe 10-28-14

Hello Class!

For homework tonight:
Smith suggests that you have an outline of both your thesis and intro paragraph
At the bare minimum you should have ideas about what your topic for the essay is
If you are ahead, a good place to be is- 1. already have your intro paragraph and thesis done and then have quotes for the first body paragraph
SAT #8 exercises and study

What did we do today?

  1. We watched the video poem, “Pass On” and analyzed it
    1. When you die, only your body goes. The poem recognizes that you become a wind.
    2. When you die, it means that your greatness was too much for your ‘vessel’.
    3. Related it to LWG, LOF, and Othello
  2. We read the poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and analyzed it
    1. Related it to both “Pass On” and LOF, Othello and LWG
  3. We read the poem, “War is Kind” and analyzed it
    1. Related it to both “Pass On,” “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” and LOF, LWG, and Othello
You can find all of these poems on Smith’s calendar on Week 11 Tuesday!

The rest of the class was dedicated to writing a poem or reflection/reaction to the pictures that child soldiers drew. You can find these pictures on Smith’s calendar today and on the blog.

Hope this helped any absentees…!

Mackenzie Johnston P5

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