Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tatiana Beasley Scribe 10/2/14 Period 3

English 9H 1415

October 2, 2014
Homework: SAT Exercises #5 Due tomorrow and quiz tomorrow
Today we wrote quotes on posters, watched movie version of Scene 5 and made connections to Othello and Lord of the Flies. Here are the notes. If you want to see the whole version, you can go to Mrs. Smith's daily slides found on her calender under agenda.
    • Betrayal
      • Iago and Jack betray their leader because they thought they could do better
      • Betrayal of the Innocence: Piggy, Simon and Desdemona
    • Loss of Innocence
      • Piggy and Desdemona used by peers
    • Anger:
      • Escalation of events
    • Manipulation:
      • Promises of false power
      • Jack=meat
      • Iago=Desdemona
    • Power of Words:
      • Convince the other people of something that is false
      • attraction of island
    • Images
      • Othello-handkerchief
      • Lord of the Flies-conch
    • War
      • LOF background
      • Othello
      • Catalyst
    • Setting
      • Isolation setting provides

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