Friday, October 10, 2014

Kinsey Kotsch Scribe 10/10/14 Period 3

Today: Met in the forum for “day off of class” to meet Javon Mays   
Homework: SAT 6 words for Monday
  • The class met the famous poet Javon Mays
    • We are walking dictionaries. We have a spark, and our radiance should run rapid. We have the chance to change the world
  • Talked about slam poetry
  • Javon himself didn’t coincide with poetry back when he was in school, but he did coincide with music
    • always looked for a new song that made him feel better, made him think about the world
    • music is a powerful thing in the world
    • he started to fall in love with lyrics
    • was so intrigued by how the artists were able to shape the words like they did
    • music saved his life; best friend committed suicide and another friend got murdered for no reason at all. Music came and touched him; told him that everything would be okay
  • The power of words
  • The power of music
  • Aren’t we all socially awkward?
  • never got contact when his friend, Zack, when he was on his way to the hospital and his car rolled 7 times. His best friend died.
  • “the more you read and listen to the world, the world gives you permission to be what and who you want, to learn what you want, to create what you want.”
  • “you don’t need to follow the rules to create something amazing.”
  • “I don’t have a belief in expectation.”  
  • “Imagine that a biodegradable heap is like your emotions, and a journal is your tool to mix the heap. The more you mix the heap, the more your emotions spark into something better than before.”
  • “They say the good die young.”  
  • “Zack, he wasn’t a god, but boy did he think like one.”

  • We were able to write our own poem, If I Woke Up With Wings
    • Allow yourself to be wrong
    • Allow your imagination to lead your pen

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