Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Class Expectations

What qualities do good teachers, students and classes embody?  What expectations do you have of yourself, of Smith, and of this class?

Make sure to proofread your response, as well as comment and connect to one another's.


  1. Good teacher:
    - Somebody who cares about their students and will help the through any challenges that they will face.
    - Somebody who can relate to anything that might be troubling the student and can give good advice on how to be successful in their class.
    - Somebody who gives an organized agenda on what you need to get done in class and for homework that day.
    Good students:
    - Students who work hard and try their hardest to earn an "A" in the class.
    - Students who ask for help when they need it or are having trouble understanding the task.
    - Students who stay on task in class and don't goof off or have side conversations while the teacher is explaining a task.
    Good classes:
    - A class that works together and helps classmates work when they are unsure of what is going on.
    - A class that is welcoming to others that may not nobody and need help with something.
    - A class that tries for good grades and a good average overall grade. Also, students who are respectful to their peers and teacher.
    Expectations of me:
    - To work hard in this class and earn and A.
    - To help classmates get a good grade if they are struggling.
    - To study for tests and quizzes way more than I did last year in order to earn good grades on exams and in the class overall.
    Expectations of Smith:
    - To help students understand how to get an "A" in the class.
    - To stay organized and have an agenda with class work and homework
    - To answer any and all questions of students no matter how repetitive it may get.
    Expectations of this class:
    - To help one another through anything they need
    - To be a community and team.
    - To earn good grades.

  2. Some qualities of a good class are good communication and lots of hands on work. The students need to be good listeners. The teacher needs to be good at keeping everyone involved in the class and making things interesting. If the teacher does not keep the class interesting it makes it harder for me personally to pay attention. To me a good class is a fun class that has a good amount of interesting fun activities but also a good mix of seriousness. I expect this class to be challenging but also fun. I expect myself to do my best and Mrs. Smith to teach the best she can.

    1. I agree, Finn. I hope we can learn in fun ways, too.

    2. I totally agree with you when you talk about the communication in a classroom. It's vital that students can listen and carry useful conversations with each other and Smith for a class to run smoothly.

  3. Good teachers, students, and classes embody many of the same qualities. A main one is the ability to listen, to be able to absorb and understand the information. If a teacher can't listen to their students, the entire class will slowly degrade. If a student can't listen, then they miss out on a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge. If the class can't listen, then everyone misses out on opportunities. I expect myself to be able to listen and absorb the information given to me. I also expect Smith to be able to change the class based on feedback, and I expect the class to continuously listen to everything that is given out.

  4. Good teachers, student, and classes embody many characteristics. They need to be kind, caring, and responsible. Teachers and students have to honestly care about being successful in the class. The class must be respectful of the materials and all other members of the class. In this class many goals can be achieved. Of myself, I want to do the best I can, and learn to write well developed essays. I want to be able to write and revise a piece with no conventional error. I expect Smith to teach us to be better students and writers. The class should always be respectful of all ideas and thoughts shared.

  5. Some qualities that good teachers, students and classes embody are concentration, dedication, passion, and an eagerness to learn. They must all concentrate on the material in front of them, whether they are learning it or teaching it. They must all be dedicated to school, and willing to make sacrifices for it, and to work hard. They must all be passionate about learning, and therefore show an eagerness to learn. That way, classes will run smoothly. Some expectations that I have of myself this year is to be fully focused on participating in class, and not giving into the distraction of having friends in this class. My expectation of Smith is for her to make time for me if I come to her for help. I also want her to help me learn to the best of my ability. My expectation of this class is that I will learn to think more in depth about each book, and also that I will be able to answer the questions on the walls at the end of each semester. I also expect that the class will be respectful of the teacher.

  6. The qualities that good teachers should embody is a willing to learn from their students, and an open mind to being corrected if they should be wrong. They should also help the students when they have a problem or they are confused. The qualities that good students should embody is studying for tests, getting homework done and really having desire to learn and grow. The students should also be acceptable with going in for help when they need it. The qualities that good classes should embody is a respective silence when the teacher or another classmate is talking. The class should also not pack up when the teacher or another classmate is talking. The class should have a willingness to learn and grow. The expectations of Mrs. Smith that I have is that she will help us when we come in for help and that she helps us to learn. The expectations of myself that I have is that I will pay attention, study for tests and, complete homework on time. The expectations of the class that I have is that they will be respectful when another classmate is talking, they will give the quiet kids a chance to talk and they will be trustworthy.

  7. Coming into English 9 Honors, my first honors class of the day, I've set the bar pretty high. I’ve had mostly positive (but some negative) past experiences in advanced classes, so I expect strong qualities of leadership, intelligence, and maturity to engulf the class. I believe that an honors class should exhibit all of these features in order to be successful. I find that I perform better in this type of environment. Good teachers show their students that they are allowed to be creative, and not all directions directions have to be followed precisely. I expect Ms. Smith to give all students an equal opportunity to share their thoughts, but not to pressure them into doing so. I expect students to be participating in the class discussions, and for the students who aren’t talking to be listening and attentive. Good classes are responsive to what others share and spark intriguing discussions. Even though my bar is high, I have a feeling this class can reach it- if not exceed it, and I look forward to a fantastic year.

    1. I agree- this year we should have some great discussions as a class!

    2. I agree 100% Kirk! I look forward to all of our discussions and a fantastic year!!

  8. In this class, students and the teacher, Mrs. Smith, must be able to trust each other. We should have integrity and do the right thing. Together we should be a community and have the resourcefulness to compensate for others. We should consider ourselves one group yet our own individuals. This class should be friendly and welcoming, especially during group projects. Everyone should feel free to participate and everyone should make their best effort. We should learn new ideas and thoughts, but we should enjoy learning instead of memorizing things by rote. We should have freedom but only if we earn it, and Mrs. Smith trust us with it. This year should be fun!

    1. I agree- The everyone in this class should be able to trust each other. If we can do that, our year will be great!

    2. Yes, everyone needs to accept everyone for who they are. No matter if that's a shy, quiet person or a totally outgoing, needs-to-be-heard person.

  9. The qualities that good teachers should have are being nice, fun, but still strict enough to keep the class contained and not totally wild so we actually learn something. I think that good students should be organized, responsible, and focused. They should always do their homework and turn in all assignments on time and study for tests. I hope to be one of these students this year. Some qualities that good classes have are working as a group, sharing ideas, and collaborating well. If a class doesn’t do this, it may be more chaotic that one would like.
    Some expectations that I have for myself are that I have those good qualities that a good student should embody, and that I have all of my make up work for when I’m absent done on time. Expectations I have for Mrs. Smith are to have at least some of the qualities that I think a good teacher should have, and to give us a reasonable amount of homework. The expectations I have for this class are to work well in groups, not argue and get no work done, and to collaborate well. I hope that all of these expectations can be achieved because that would be awesome! :)
    Abby Grammer

  10. A good class and teacher work their hardest on everything they do. It may involve taking risks and they have to think about what they've learned and apply it to other areas of their learning. Good students and teachers will also make sure the people around them understand the content that we're studying. My expectations for English this year is definitely to become someone who really dives into texts, dissects them, and gets so much from them. That goal might include grammar, literary terms, and hidden information.

    1. Sophie, I completely agree that taking risks is a huge and important part of learning, that hopefully can be applied to our classrooms.

  11. I anticipate this year to be filled with interesting opportunities to learn and grow from both my successes and my mistakes. I expect to be involved in active and friendly discussions that still represent depth and thought-provoking questions. Students should give their best, and Mrs. Smith should help us see things through different perspectives. I hope for this to be a very successful class.

  12. In a classroom, there are many expectations for students, teachers, and the class itself. A student’s job is simply to complete their work efficiently. A good student is someone who goes above and beyond these set expectations. A good student is someone who will do what it takes to make their goals reality. The expectations in a classroom are set by the average flow of students in the classroom; it’s the average of all the students who have been in the classroom and their abilities and achievements. If one is a good student, one will take those expectations and break them so that they have changed and become better. A teacher should go by similar rules.
    The expectations for a teacher are simply to teach the students about the subject that they are assigned. Good teachers go above and beyond these expectations. A good teacher teaches their subject with flair and humor and knows when students understand and when they don’t. A good teacher will help any student with any question. If one is a good teacher, every student in the room will know it.
    A regular class is a group of students who have come to school to be at school: because they are being made to. They don’t work well together, if at all, and when asked to do something, they abruptly refuse. A good class is a group of kids that work well together and enjoy doing it. Everyone in the class knows what a great group it is and every one of them is a good student.
    I hold myself to a very high standard. I am a straight A student and I consider myself to be very well rounded. Because of this, I am very competitive and have very high expectations of myself, such as having nothing less than a 92% in any class, having my teachers like me, and passing all my classes with flying colors.
    I expect Mrs. Smith to be a great teacher, and from what I’ve seen so far, she is excellent. I’m very glad to be in her class. I expect her to thoroughly teach English and make sure that we all understand her. I know it’ll be a great year with her.
    Because I’m in an honors class, I have very high standards for my class, as I do for myself. I know that we’ll be a great team because all of us are as smart and focused as the others. We will work well together and get good grades. I am very excited to work with my class.

    1. I totally agree with this. Especially your part about how the whole class needs to work well together, so there is a positive learning environment.

  13. I feel that good teachers should be able to connect with their students while still keeping the ability to discipline them, should give their students freedom while still offering help when needed, and should be understanding and flexible while still challenging their students. Unfortunately this is a delicate balance that I can't expect from anyone, but I do expect a teacher to teach us, be respectful, organized, responsible, and a good example.
    Ideal students are in class because they want to learn, and it should be that way everyday. This desire will fuel everything else that will help them succeed academically, but there is more to school than that. Students should also be aware of their surroundings and compassionate, always willing to help, and understanding when others make mistakes. I expect myself to be on time everyday, to be prepared, to do my best on all assignments, to understand what I am learning, and to get along well with my peers, and to help them out when possible.
    A class should be supportive and cooperative. Each student should do their part, whether that is making a comment in a discussion or working silently when quiet is needed. Answering the questions of other peers and helping them out when they need it is another quality that the students in a good class will have. The ability to work together is very important in a classroom. I expect that this class will be able to do that, and I also expect to be able to get work done without interruption when the class is instructed to stay quiet.
    With a good teacher, as a good student, in a good class, you can be sure that you will learn a bunch. I hope that is how this year will go for me!

    1. That first sentence is almost exactly what I wrote in mine.
      Tyla- "Good teachers should be able to connect with their students while still keeping the ability to discipline them."
      Me- "...teacher is the kind that can manage having rabbit trails and totally unproductive days without losing the respect and attention of the students when it’s time to get down to business."

  14. Good Teachers:
    - Easy to talk to
    - Fun and Up-beat
    Good Students:
    - Find their way of learning and use it
    - Advocate for themselves
    Good Classes:
    - One on One time
    - Lots of work and collaboration time

    What do I expect from myself?
    I expect for me to get a high B or an A in this class. I want to be engaged in the class and participate in every class discussion.

    What do I expect from Smith?
    I expect her to give one on one time and to create a fun and welcoming classroom environment.

    What do I expect from this class?
    I expect that it will be fun and challenging. I expect that it will help me greatly improve the way that I think and the way that I act.

  15. In order to have a good classroom environment, teacher and students must understand each other. They have to connect and experience things together. My expectations for myself are to stay on top of things and get an A in the class. I expect Smith to challenge me, but still understand what I am going through. I would expect this class to be respectful with one another and be positive all the time.

  16. Qualities that make teachers “good” would really depend on their ability to understand the student. Also to be able to be serious but keep a light and fun feel to the students learning experience.
    What makes a good student is their ability to work hard, be responsible, and respectful. It’s their motivation to succeed that makes a student good.
    Qualities that make a class good is their ability to listen to whoever is speaking and being respectful and helpful to all of their peers.
    Expectation I have of myself would be to increase my responsibility and motivation. I hope that I’ll put all my effort into all of my classes and that it’ll reflect onto my schoolwork and life.
    I expect Smith to be the best that she can be. I don’t want to create expectations of her without knowing her teaching style or personality.
    Expectations I have for this class and my peers is that they all will be welcoming, helpful and kind. I hope they will treat everyone with respect and will try their hardest.

  17. Good Teacher
    - Understanding
    - Easy to talk to
    - Challenging
    - Participates with class
    - Respectful of students
    Good Student
    - Pays attention
    - Respects teacher
    - Tries to learn

    What I expect
    - To become a better writer
    - Become a better reader
    - Become a better English student
    - To have fun
    What I expect of Smith
    - To be helpful
    - One on one time when necessary
    - To be challenging

  18. I think that good teachers follow through on punishments and consider student’s ideas on how to run the class. Good students should work together well with others, focus on the lesson, and get work done on time and well done. As a class students should help each other participate and listen to the teacher. I would like to try my hardest to keep my grade at an A- or above and participate in class, because I know I can let my grade slip or begin doodling and ignore what’s going on in class. I would hope that as a class we all pay attention and no one tries to pull attention away from the class.

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  20. I believe a good teacher is someone who gets to know their students. They are willing to help each student if they come to a problem, and they take time explaining things to the student. The teacher should have an organized plan for each week, and let students have access to that plan at the beginning of the week, so they have time to prepare for everything. They should find fun and interactive ways to teach, to make the lessons more interesting. A good student is someone who pays attention in class, and asks questions if they don’t understand something. They respect their teachers and other students, so that everyone can get the most out of class. A good class helps each other when somebody is struggling, and supports each other. They all respect each other, and can have discussions without arguing.
    My expectations for our class this year are that we will help each other through the year, we will all participate in discussions and we will respect each other. I expect myself to have an A this year, and show the qualities of a good student. I will stay organized, and always make sure to turn in work on time after being absent. My expectations for Smith are to help us understand what we’re doing in class, and make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

  21. In order to form a healthy, safe classroom, where students can come together to brainstorm and share ideas, students must know each other and feel comfortable around one another. This can be accomplished by class discussion or group work where students must come together to learn and be successful. In order to be a good student, one must advocate for themselves, get involved in their learning, and preform to the best of their abilities. For some this may be challenging, but are easily accomplished with the support of their teacher. From my experience this has helped me be successful as a student. When teachers show a lack of interest in children's learning this discourages the child from preforming to the best of their abilities and can have a damper on their self esteem. I expect Smith to create a fun learning environment, which she has already demonstrated, and to be stern with our class but still creating the fun atmosphere. I expect myself to get a 90% or above in Smith's class and to become a better student and be more involved in class discussions.

  22. Qualities of a good student:
    -Students that are on task during discussions and individual work
    -Students that participate in discussions and contribute to the talk
    -Students who get work done when it is needed to be done

    Qualities of a good teacher
    -teacher that are able to answer the questions
    -teachers that can challenge the students academically
    -teachers should be patient with students that are falling behind

    Qualities of a good class
    - A good class should be attentive when another student or the teacher is talking
    -A good class will always invite discussion and actively participate
    -a good class will always keep an open mind when other opinions are presented and can understand other perspective

    These are things that I expect from myself, from you, Mrs. Smith, and from the class.

  23. I think that a good teacher should be someone that is willing to help out students that are in need of the help. Some people need more help than others and the teacher should be aware of that. A good teacher should also be willing to learn some of the students personal lives so that they don't look at the teacher as someone to hand work to, but a friend who will be there for you. Also, a good teacher should be fun and enjoyable to be with, but yet stern about getting school work/homework done.
    A good student should be eager to learn, and willing to get as much work as they can done, as soon as they can. They should also be friendly to their classmates and are willing to help each other out.
    A good class should be respectful of the teacher, and should participate regularly through daily classes, and should never put down someone's idea and/or thoughts/comments. Everyone should be a team player.
    Overall I want to walk into class knowing that I have people willing to help me out and that it'll be a fun day. Those are some of my expectations of the class community.

  24. Expectations of me:
    - I participate in class and during discussions
    - I work hard, in and out of class
    - I am a respectful and caring student/classmate
    - I stay on task and pay attention
    Expectations of class:
    - A class that provides a supportive and learning-friendly environment
    - A participative class that is respectful and open-minded
    - A class that can work as one and is able to accomplish all that is needed to be done
    Expectations of Mrs.Smith:
    - A teacher that is supportive and caring
    - A teacher that challenges you and has high-expectations for you
    - A teacher that motivates you and has a passion for the subject they are teaching

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  26. Some important qualities in a good teacher are the teacher’s willingness to help, willingness to have fun, and ability to make lessons informative. The students also must be willing to be a part of this and be attentive in the class, which makes a better experience for all people involved. Of myself, I expect well composed work, that is delivered punctually, and in one piece. I also expect myself to be held to the same standards as I hold my classmates. I hope this will be a great year.

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  28. Mrs. Smith
    Not be too serious but show interest in their students academic development
    Isn't afraid to joke about students
    Makes it easy for students who missed school to find out what the class did

    Good Students
    Participate in classroom discussion and activities
    Put in effort for the class and get the best grade you can
    Ask questions so you get a better understanding of the subject
    Speak whats's on your mind

    Good Class
    Respects peers in the classroom and outside of school
    Promotes discussion and debate in a positive way
    Asks questions and goes deeper in conversation
    Ability to work in smaller groups

    I expect to receive an A in the class but I know I'll have to work hard to get it. I expect Mrs. Smith to help me get there but not make it easy on me. Mrs. Smith should know that in an Honors class she can push her students to their highest potential and challenge them.


  29. Good teachers, students, and classes should embody the qualities of respect, passion, and integrity. Every member of the class should respect other's opinions and ideas. When somebody is sharing their thoughts, the rest of the class should be attentive listeners and jot down anything they deem important. It is vital for a good teacher to be passionate about what they are teaching, but good students should also have a passion for learning. Also, when a good teacher or a student makes a mistake, they should have the integrity to own up to their behavior and apologize. I expect myself to work hard and to make appointments to meet with Smith if I am having trouble or if I have a question. I expect Smith to challenge me to be the best writer and reader possible, but to also lend a hand when I am struggling. I also expect the class to take part in thought-provoking discussions. I'm sure that this year will be great!

  30. Class Expectations August 19, 2014
    There are many qualities that good teachers embodies, such as:
    -Teachers interact with their students, they do not just hand out papers and expect them to know the information
    -Teachers make real day connections that helps students understand a concept better
    -Teachers allow students to ask questions
    -Teachers really make their children feel loved, cared for, and safe
    Good qualities for Good Students:
    -Students that have an open mind that are willing to listen to new ideas and opinions
    -Students who welcome another
    -Students that try even though they might be wrong
    Good qualities of Classes:
    -Classes have interesting posters that make a student think
    -Classes that have a great learning environment that makes a student want to participate
    -Classes that work together and with each other
    My expectations of myself
    -I expect myself to always work harder than the rest.
    -I expect to try very hard even though it might be difficult
    -I expect myself to use my time wisely
    Expectations of Smith
    -I expect Mrs. Smith to teach us more about certain themes for books
    -I expect Mrs. Smith to dive deep into books
    -I expect Mrs. Smith to remember all of our names by the first week of school
    -I expect Mrs. Smith to make the classroom very lively and feel involved
    Expectations of the Class
    -I expect my class to all get to know each other by the first week of school
    -I expect my class to interact with each other
    -I expect my class to all get along well and work very hard together
    -I expect my class to have a great year with Mrs. Smith!

  31. In a classroom, there are many qualities that teachers, students, and the classes themselves should embody. Teachers should be helpful, to be a teacher one has to be able to help the students with any problems that they may encounter. Teachers also have to be able to relate to the students. Being able to relate to them will help them be able to connect with students and will make the class easier for those students. The teacher must also be good at explaining. Teachers should be able to thoroughly explain assignments and other activities that take place in and out of class. The teachers should make sure that the students are able to understand what they are being taught because if they don’t understand then the teacher is not helping them learn. Students should be good listeners. They should pay attention throughout the class and be actively involved with the class. Students will only be helping themselves and other students if they are active participants in the class. Students should also be organized. They should be able to keep track of everything they have to do and keep all their supplies neat and organized. As for the class itself, it should be interesting and something that the students want to be a part of. It should be engaging and covers topics that appeal to everyone in the class. The class should be something that the students look forward to coming to every day. My expectations for myself are to be a student that is good for the class, the teacher, and the students. I want to be a student that is good for the people around me. For the class, I expect that they will be hard workers and good students who pay attention and follow instructions well. For Mrs. Smith, all that I expect is that she will help me when I need help and will teach us well.

  32. Qualities of good teachers
    - Good teachers motivate students to do their best.
    - Good teachers are empathetic and aware of students’ feelings.
    - Good teachers inspire and energize their students.
    - Good teachers are fun.
    Qualities of good students
    - Good students take risks and make mistakes.
    - Good students express themselves clearly.
    - Good students polish their work.
    - Good students are competitive.
    - Good students are open to new ideas.
    - Good students do extra work.
    Qualities of a good class
    - Good classes are full of positive energy.
    - Good classes are competitive.
    Expectations for myself
    - I expect to achieve.
    - I expect to be clear yet creative.
    - I expect to write like Winston Churchill or Shakespeare...just kidding.
    - I expect to have fun!
    Expectations for Smith
    - I expect Smith to help make me a better writer.
    Expectations for the class
    - I expect my classmates to take risks.
    - I expect my classmates to be competitive.
    - Figuratively, my greatest expectation for this class is to fool the Jubjub bird, slay the Jaberwock, dance with the frumious Bandersnatch, and finally rest in the Tumtum tree.

  33. Qualities that I believe, if to be embodied by good teachers, lead to a good school year are enthusiasm, interest levels, and knowledge. A healthy amount of enthusiasm in the classroom leads to eagerness to learn and it allows the teacher to push the class to look deeper into the situations. Keeping the course-work not only interesting but also entertaining also encourages more sophisticated and more collaboration in the class; especially with students who have the common interests. Finally, teachers who are knowledgeable of their classroom and their students make the learning more personal for the students, and allows the teacher to change the teaching depending on student needs. In conclusion, I believe that if the classroom, teachers, and students can embody these ideals, we can look forward to a great year!
    I am expecting to make this year a productive one! Things that I am expecting from English class this year is to read many difficult, but thought-provoking books and to participate in many interesting class discussions. Also, I expect myself to try to truly learn from the books I read and become a powerful writer. Finally, I expect Mrs. Smith to challenge my thinking and prepare me for next year and beyond. I hope that this year can meet all these expectations, and I can meet all the challenges.

    1. Seth, I really agree with you about the enthusiasm piece. I know from experience that being enthusiastic about something can make all the difference.

  34. The qualities of a good teacher is one who is supportive to all of the class, as well as the individuals. The teacher should know her students strengths so that she can know what is a challenge to them and what will be beyond their skills. The qualities a good student should have is the eagerness to learn and be willing to show what they learned. A good class should have the same qualities as a good student, as well as the ability to work in groups. The class shouldn’t be dead serious all the time, but also know when the become serious.
    I have high expectations for myself, wanting to get everything as perfect as I can. I want a chance to read a lot in this class and also to have a teacher there who is ready and able to help me should I need it. I want the class to have a positive air and also be very open to fellow classmates.

  35. There are many qualities that I believe good teachers, students, and classes should all have. Teachers should be able to communicate well with the students and help them learn as much as possible. Teachers should also interact with the class and get to know all the students to make them feel comfortable in the learning environment. Students must always work their hardest and never give up and be responsible for their work and everything they do. Students must also respect everyone and everything around them and listen to everything the teacher says. Lastly, a good class should be able to work well together and be comfortable around one another so everyone feels comfortable about stepping outside of their comfort zone. These are all important qualities that teachers, students, and classes should all embody. My expectations for myself are that I will always try my hardest and be responsible for all of my work. I will also listen to everything Smith has to teach me. Some expectations I have for Smith are that she will do her best to teach us everything to prepare us for the future. I also expect that she will listen to what the students say and help us to fully understand all of the information. As for this class my expectations are that this class will be an awesome place to learn and will teach me so many new things, as well as working well together. I am looking forward to a great year in this class.

  36. Class expectations are different each year, because every student and teacher is different, learn in different ways, and have different experiences. I expect to start the year in English 9H with a fresh start. Good qualities that a teacher should attain is the drive and motivation to help students, as well as the students giving the teacher the drive. Everyone should put in a lot of effort for the class to be successful and strive to achieve our goals. A teacher that pushes students and gives us assignments that sometimes require more out of the box or comfort zone thinking shake things up from the cookie cutter projects and written 3 page reports. Out of my classmates I expect everyone to treat each other with respect and kindness, not just in English, but every day, in every class, sport, club, or event. Classmates should work together and push each other but should also help each other when needed. Students should also be open-minded and respectful of everyone ideas and beliefs and not put them down for who they are or what the choose to believe in. This is important because in class discussions we must build each other up and explore other topics to have a successful discussion. My expectations of myself are to be open to others ideas and make my best effort to do my best in class and help my teacher and classmates. I want to create a positive environment for everyone to learn in.


  37. Important qualities that a great teacher should possess is an enthusiastic personality, knowledge, and patience. All these qualities put together make each class more enjoyable to be in because it forms a fun and enjoyable school environment. A teacher who possesses enthusiasm is easier and more enjoyable to pay attention to than a bland lecture teacher. A good teacher also should possess a great knowledge of the subject being taught in order to explain it thoroughly to the class. The final key trait a good teacher should posses is patience. This trait allows for the teacher to stay calm and help a student who is struggling. An excellent student has to possess a few key traits. The student must pay attention in class, stay on task, respect anything and everything in the classroom, and have a positive attitude. Staying on task and paying attention to fully understanding a teacher's lesson for the day and thus help the student learn. The student must also respect his/her teacher, classmates, and class materials, this makes for a less negative environment and a more comfortable classroom. And a positive attitude helps the student enjoy and have an open mind on the subject being taught. A class as a whole should help support one another and come in with a good attitude and an overall willingness to focus on learning.

    Some expectations I personally have of myself is to try and achieve an A this year. I plan on doing this by trying my hardest and participating as much as I can in class as well as coming in on off hours when I need extra help. As far as the expectations I have for the class is, I just want an enthusiastic and fun learning environment, that will challenge me but within reason. My expectations for Smith is to be fun, positive, challenge us, and explain each topic clearly. I believe if all these factors in class,student and teacher are combined this will be an excellent school year.

  38. In class, there are few expectations that both teachers and students must become familiar with in order to create a well-working class enviorment. I believe teachers should create a fun, interesting, but somewhat strict mileu, so students have a fun time while learning to their best abilities. A good teacher also should embody the qualities of a friend, therefore students can talk about subjects both the teacher and students are familiar with. Qualitites such as being a good listener toward other students’ answers and opinions and the teachers’ directions are also important because it steers students into completing the homework, tests, and projects correctly. Students should participate as much as possible because it helps them get a better understanding of the topic and what the teacher is actually talking about. The one and most important thing a good class consists of is a community in which the students help each other out in times of trouble, inside and outside the classroom, and have everyone contribute in collaboration projects. I will work to my best abilities in order to recieve the grade I am satisfied with, which is hopefully an A. Also I hope to help anyone who is stuggling about a certain unit, so they will have an understanding and fall behind. I expect Smith to help any students who needs it and to be willing to explain, possibly multiple times, a concept until understood. Expectations that the class should act upon include being nice to one another and helping whenever possible.

  39. Good Teachers
    -Make sure everyone is on the same page
    -Make the class fun and interesting
    -Helps students when they face problems
    -Cares for their students
    Good Students
    -Give all of their effort to get an “A” in the class
    -Do only the best they can for every assignment
    -Never gives up
    -Stays on task
    -Doesn’t interrupt anyone speaking
    Good Classes
    -Work together (collaborate)
    -Are respectful
    -Care about one another
    -Help each other
    -Works hard
    -Are welcoming to new people and to new ideas
    -Trusts each other
    Expectations of Myself
    -I expect myself to work hard
    -I expect myself to put my best foot forward
    -I expect myself to get good grades
    -I expect myself to study really hard
    -I expect myself to be friendly and caring to everyone
    -I expect myself to to help anyone who needs it
    Expectations of Smith
    -To keep an open mind
    -Help every student through all of their struggles
    -Stay organized
    -Treat everyone equally
    -Believe in all her students
    -Lead us down the road to success
    Expectations of the Class
    -Be respectful to each other
    -Have great discussions
    -Everyone should be involved in the projects we work on
    -Help each other
    -Become a community and team
    -Make this year fantastic!!

  40. Each year, expectations change as we mature and our classes advance, but there are still constant qualities and expectations we should live up to.
    I believe that good students are involved in discussions, add meaningful comments and questions, respect other’s opinions, and are always striving to do their best. If these characteristics carry over to the entire class, then we as a unit will be in good form to succeed. We all need to be engaged in the topic at hand in order spark some meaningful discussions. My expectation is that we will all be willing to take risks in order to improve ourselves further. That doesn’t just apply to the students though, we need a teacher to help us achieve that.
    Teachers that I enjoy are ones with a willingness to help students correct their work and learn from their mistakes. I expect that Smith will set a high standard, be willing to help us outside of class, and be organized. I also hope that she will have the class be engaging and challenging, making it something that I can look forward to each day.
    My expectation of myself as a student is to be accountable for doing my very best. I’d like to push myself to try new things, grow outside of my comfort zone, and become a more adept writer. I hope to display the qualities of a helpful and supportive classmate.
    As a class, I hope that we will accomplish new skills and learn a great deal in this course. I expect that as an honors class, we will all want to, and will, live up to these expectations.

  41. A good teacher should be able to relate to a student and how they feel. A teacher should be making sure that everyone is on task, but not assign too much work at one time. She should be able to make jokes and have a laugh with her students. I expect myself to be on task and get a grade of an A or higher. I expect Smith to be a fun teacher who at the same time can guide us through our work. I expect Smith to respect everyone's opinion and to not put anyone down. I expect the class to be on time, respectful of each other and hardworking.

  42. There are many qualities good students, teachers, and classes posses. Lets starts with good qualities teachers should posses...

    -Cares about her students social and school lives
    -Listens to what you have to say
    -Understanding and Compassion
    -A passion for what they have to teach
    -Good Communication
    -Wants to help students

    -Care about one another
    -Want to help one another
    -Listen to and respect the teacher
    -Self discipline
    -Want to do the best possible
    -Stay Focused
    -Don’t make the teachers job more difficult than it already is

    As a Class-
    -Help eachother
    -Respect eachother
    -Self discipline
    -On time
    -Good lIsteners

  43. I think that a good teacher is patient, dedicated, adaptable, organized and inspirational. They are able to keep a light mood while still keeping everyone on task. They are flexible with their students and are understanding of them. I think that good students are respectful, hard-working, organized and resourceful. The class as a whole should have all the qualities a student has while being able to work together as a whole. This year, I expect that Smith, my classmates and I have all of these qualities. I expect everyone to have patience, dedication, adaptability, organization, inspiration, respect, perseverance and for us to be resourceful and collaborative.

  44. A good class is where you can share your thoughts freely and have detailed conversations regarding the current topic you are studying. In a good class people are active, friendly, and social. When people have these attributes we are more likely to get a more knowledgeable conversation with the topic at hand. The teacher must be fun and easy to get along with. The class must be interesting and a little challenging with lots of interactive things that help the students lead the class. I hold myself to the standards of being involved and trying my hardest in this class. I hold Smith to teaching the class well so we learn something.

  45. In order to maintain the best learning environment possible in a classroom, each person must do their part and contribute positively to the team; this includes teachers and students. To help the students learn to the best of their abilities, a good teacher should be able to trust their students and teach a solid lesson, leaving little to none confused. They should be willing to always lend a hand when a student is struggling or making mistakes. A good teacher is one who finds a creative way for their students to learn, finding ways that involve everybody, as well as giving chances to those who may not reach for them themselves. In a positive classroom, a teacher will reach out to their students and make the classroom a fun place to be in. Students should not only be able to work independently without disrupting the learning environment, but they should also be able to work well in groups by being willing to collaborate and contribute their own ideas. They should show respect for themselves, their peers, and the teacher. A student should do their best to ask questions that challenge the rest of the people in the class. The expectations that I have for myself include working my hardest to achieve an A and choosing to take challenges face on. The expectations that I have for Mrs. Smith are that she makes sure that her students are all succeeding, as well as keeping the classroom a fun and educational place to be in every single day. Maybe doing more work in class will mean less homework? (: As for the rest of the students, I can only expect that everyone will be open to helping their peer(s) and treat every person with respect.

  46. The qualities that good teachers have are patience and an understanding their students. I think these things are important because to be able to teach their students they need to be able to understand what is going on and what type of learning style each student needs. The qualities that good students have are perseverance, curiosity, and attentiveness. These are important qualities to have because when you have perseverance is important because it motivates you to keep working harder and to do your best. Curiosity is an important quality to have because it makes them want to learn more each and every day. Attentiveness is important because when you have that quality you want to pay attention so you can do you best. I think an important for a class to have good communication so that everyone in the class feels comfortable. The expectations that I have for myself is to try my hardest and ask questions. My expectations for Smith are that she will help me to understand thoroughly and completely what we are learning. The expectation that I have for this class is that if we try our hardest and participate it will be a welcoming environment.

  47. To me, my favorite teachers have always been the ones with humor. The teachers who try to put themselves in their student’s shoes and ask, “Would I feel the same if I were in their situation?” It is very rare to have a teacher that I feel safe approaching a teacher and asking a question because I’ve met several who get angry if you ask a question multiple times because you don’t understand it. Some of us are just spacy or nervous and don’t hear the question. I have also met teachers who want things their way with absolutely no excuses. They won’t excuse any late assignments or absences and immediately take points off. They never never take the chance to realize that teenagers have a life of their own to attend to. They have a reputation to uphold, loyalties and commitments elsewhere, and a future to plan. Sometimes teachers don’t really seem like they care. But a good teacher, and I mean the very best, is someone who almost fits in with the teenage crowd. They accept distracting conversations and laugh when the students laugh. This kind of teacher is the kind that can manage having rabbit trails and totally unproductive days without losing the respect and attention of the students when it’s time to get down to business. A good student is one who is not afraid to ask questions and speak up when they want to be heard. They pay attention, work their hardest, and do their very best to work well with others even if they don’t particularly like their partner(s). They also collaborate with the teacher. That’s what makes a good class. Collaboration, participation, and information. All of this is what I expect of myself as a student, my class, and Smith.

  48. First and foremost, I believe that in a class like English Honors where discussions occur and opinions are shared so often, the whole class should be able to trust each other. This goes for the teacher, too! It’s so important that everyone in the room feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas to one another and not feel like they should hold back on saying something they want to include in the discussion. Other than this, good teachers should be dedicated to driving their students down the road of success. Even if that’s not where the student wants to go, it’s important that the teachers do their job of motivating us, keeping us thinking, and learning constantly. They should be organized and thoughtful in their class planning, and love what they do. Students also should be dedicated to learning, even if they don’t particularly think the knowledge will help them later on. They should be organized and prepared, and be passionate about learning. As a class, students should be active participants and challenge one another. The class should be supportive of one another, hear each other out, and be respectful of everyone’s ideas and opinions.

    For myself, I expect that I follow my own guidelines of good qualities in an individual student and as a member of class, and follow everyone else’s to the best of my ability. I want to be able to step up in class discussions and not be afraid to share out my thoughts and opinions. I expect Smith to challenge me and give me critical yet helpful feedback on any work I complete. Finally, I expect the students in this class to be respectful and friendly and to make this year a lot of fun!


  49. Good teachers approach the material from different perspectives, connect the material to current or popular events, and have a positive relationship with the students. Approaching the material from different perspectives helps all of the students learn the material better through repetition and multiple examples. Connecting the material to current or popular events can help students relate to the material. Having a positive relationship with the students is important when wanting the classroom to feel comfortable for each student and promotes a willingness to learn. Also, teachers having a positive relationship with students will build the students’ confidence and help them participate in class often. Qualities embodied by good students are completing assignments, participating in class, and respecting the teacher. Students who complete their homework and other assignments practice what is learned in class, therefore having a better understanding of the lesson. Participating in class is essential for a student to succeed as it enhances learning by contributing an opinion or idea. Respecting the teacher is important because it helps create a positive learning environment. A good class cooperates with one another and contributes to one another’s learning which helps each student get the most out of the class.
    Some expectations I have of myself are to stay on top of class work and keep a positive attitude. Staying on top of my class work will allow me to learn at a steady pace and help keep my grade high. Keeping a positive attitude will help me see my classes from a good perspective and help me to always put forward my best work. Expectations I have of Smith are that she is willing to help students with questions and students that are struggling, and develops a relationship with the students. Willingness to help the students will give them more knowledge. Smith having a relationship with the students would make Smith more approachable and the student feel valued. Some expectations I have of the class are to be eager to learn and to be respectful to one another. Being eager to learn will allow more to be accomplished in a shorter period of time and being respectful of one another contributes to creating a positive environment.

  50. There are many qualities and standards an English 9 honors class should embody to become successful. It is important that students and teachers have expectations and standards they keep to. First, I have expectations of the teacher. A good teacher should be experienced and eager to teach. Also, I expect the teacher to be willing to share experiences and stories related to the lesson to make it their own. Its much easier to remember the information and stay engaged in the class when it’s not straight from the textbook. As any other teacher I expect that Smith is present most often and willing to give time to students who are struggling. secondly, I have expectations for the class. Because our class has the title of honors it’s important that all the students want to be in the class.One expectation i have of the class is that they are friendly and welcoming to all kids. Working as a group and lifting each other higher will increase the success of the class as a whole. Students should be eager to learn and explore the material therefor making the class run smoothly and quickly. Furthermore, silly things like being tardy and interrupting the teacher should not happen regularly. Most importantly, I have expectations for myself. I expect myself to be present in class, turn in all assignments and be a positive, friendly classmate. I also expect myself to ask for help when needed, and help other classmates as well. Finally, I expect myself to be responsible for my own learning and go the “extra mile” to take pride in my work!

  51. Class expectations:

    Qualities of good teachers, students, and classes:

    Good Teachers:

    - A teacher that is involved and passionate
    - A teacher that is exciting and interesting
    - A teacher that is fun
    - A teacher that I can develop a relationship with
    - A teacher I can relate to
    - A teacher that makes me want to learn
    - A teacher that pushes me

    Qualities of Good Students:

    - Students that make it a good workplace
    Students that will help me and anyone else when they need help
    Students that work hard and complete the work to the best of their abilities
    Students that respect the teacher and pay attention

    Qualities of Good Classes:

    A class that will ask questions that will me think
    A class that will collaborate together
    A class that will do their work when in group projects
    A class that will build each other up and make each other better students
    A class that will stay positive and energetic

    Expectations for myself, Smith, and this class:

    Expectations of me:

    I expect to build a personal relationship with Smith
    I expect to maintain an A all year
    I expect to have a better grade than my sisters did
    I expect to have a better understanding of English
    I expect to develop friendships with my peers
    I expect to study hard for tests and quizzes
    I expect to have no late work
    I expect to have fun and learn

    Expectations of Smith:

    I expect Smith to be my favorite teacher
    I expect Smith to push me and help me
    I expect Smith to work with me in my off hours
    I expect Smith to help me learn

    Expectations of this class:

    I expect higher level questions
    I expect them all to be capable of group work
    I expect them all to make me a better student
    I expect them all to help each other out
    I expect them all to maintain B’s and above
    I expect them all to support one another

    Scott C

  52. Good teachers show that they care about each individual student and that their success really matters. They help them through mistakes and let them know that its okay. Good students and classes work together through problems and just help each other out in general. If it's getting caught up with something that you missed or something outside of class. What I expect of myself is that I will put myself out there, make new friends, and grow as a writer so that I can enjoy to write without being so critical of myself and that I will be proud of what I wrote. I expect Smith to be someone that I can easily ask for help and will just give it to me straight, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The class I see as a backbone of trust almost, they should make me, or anyone else feel like you can say anything you want and not feel like its a stupid idea.

  53. Teachers are supposed to inspire and captivate their students. They are supposed to make the class enjoyable and feel like a safe place, where everyone's ideas are appreciated. A teacher is supposed to care about their students and make them feel welcome. A teacher is someone who can influence or bore a class depepending on the way they teach. I expect to be influenced not bored. Classmates are supposed to help each other and build each other up academically. They are supposed expend your ideas and change your perspective. Classmates can play such a big role in learning, they can make it fun to learn or make it miserable. I expect it to be fun.

  54. Good teachers know how to have control of their classes in a way that isn’t too strict. The balance between control of the class and likeability is and important thing in a classroom. This ensures the best learning environment for the students. The students only requirement is that they are respectful. Talking and interacting with other students isnt a thing to be shunned. just done at appropriate times. As long as the students follow this they should have the best learning experience they can. All of this is the way students and teachers can combine together to have the best opportunity for learning.

  55. Good Teacher
    Somebody who helps a student through cognitive coaching-helping a student find the answer without giving it away or telling them.
    Challenging their students
    Good Student
    Someone who works hard and gets the a good grade
    someone who comes in for help if they need it
    Good Class
    A class that works together
    A class that stays mostly on task and gets their work done but still has some fun

    Expectations of myself
    To get an A
    To turn in all assignments on time
    To have better work habits than last year
    Expectations of Smith
    To challenge her students
    To run class smoothly
    Expectations of the class
    To work together
    To get all of it’s work done

  56. I believe that to be a good teacher you must be able do a few things. First, you must be able to explain concepts in more than one way if needed, and that if we students need help on something, you are ready and willing to help us. Secondly, good teachers are usually able to make the classroom fun and enjoyable, so we do not lose interest in class. Thirdly, good teachers should be able to connect their lessons to other lessons, and if they are a really good teacher, they will be able to connect their lesson to current events. Lastly, good teachers should have connections with their students. Having connections with students helps students enjoy class more and feel more comfortable in class. Good students should be respectful to their teachers. (No talking when the teacher's talking, not abusing privileges, paying attention in class.) Good students should also participate in class, this shows that they are engaged and truly want to learn in the class.
    Expectations for myself:
    - Be respectful
    -participate in class
    -learn from my mistakes
    -Be able to edit writing pieces to the best of my abilities
    -to be nice to my classmates
    -to study in a timely manner
    -to get good grades

  57. Good teachers:
    -confidence in their class
    -helps students when they have difficulties or ask questions
    -have a structured agenda of what they are going to be doing in class everyday
    -don't point out students to the class for a bad job on something, but rather what they did right and how they can improve for next time.
    Good students:
    -aren't lazy
    -ask questions when they need help
    -try to participate in class discussions
    -respect everyone else
    -Are on task
    -help other students
    Good classes:
    -don't interrupt eachother when talking/having a group discussion
    -answer each others questions and compliment if another student is doing something well
    Expectations of myself:
    -To do my best in this class and get the best grade I'm capable of
    -to go talk to Smith when I'm confused about something or need to make something up
    -to earn an A
    Expectations of Ms. Smith:
    -To help me when I come in on my off hours and/or email her with what I have questions on

  58. Teachers are a complicated thing. They are on their feet teaching most of the day, but they also need to be kind and compassionate at the same time. Frequently, the most liked teachers are funny, and have a way of tying in stories and fun things with the lesson. I think that good teachers should be smart, presentable, and able to see how people think, therefore being able to help them.
    Good students should be able to listen to their professor, take what they have learned, and apply it to their life. They should be quiet in class, but participate in discussions, be kind and helpful to their teacher/classmates, and students should do their best to learn quickly and efficiently. Students should do their homework on time, not distract others, and be a joy to have in class. Teachers are a complicated thing. They are on their feet teaching most of the day, but they also need to be kind and compassionate at the same time. Frequently, the most liked teachers are funny, and have a way of tying in stories and fun things with the lesson. I think that good teachers should be smart, presentable, and able to see how people think, therefore being able to help them.
    Good students should be able to listen to their professor, take what they have learned, and apply it to their life. They should be quiet in class, but participate in discussions, be kind and helpful to their teacher/classmates, and students should do their best to learn quickly and efficiently.
    A class should be a community, and be able to discuss any topic at length with intelligence. It should also be like a family, and we should care for each other as a family cares for its members. We should have good listening skills, and be able to add information to the class.
    I believe that English 9H will be my favorite class this semester, if not all year! I hope to learn more about English than I knew before, and I will be up for trying new things and learning new skills.
    I hope that the class comes together as a community, and that we are able to delve further into subjects than any of us are used to. We should be able to talk about anything, and be supporting and friendly to one another.
    As a teacher, my expectations for you are to teach. Not just the usual Language Arts topics, but about how to be better people, and how to use English to do so.

  59. I believe that good teachers, students and classes have several good qualities in common. They also have some differences. Good teachers respect students and their ideas. They are also supportive and helpful when it comes to helping students. Good students allow teachers to teach. They respect their teachers and allow a positive learning environment to occur. A good class comes from a group of positive students and teachers. They support your ideas and thoughts. I expect a learning environment where I can succeed and become the best learner and person I can be.

  60. I expect a good teacher to make sure all students understand what they are being taught, and to be patient when a student is genuinely confused. I expect myself, as a student, to stay hardworking and try my best no matter what, to participate in discussion and work during class, and to be attentive to what the teacher is trying to say. I expect my class to collaborate with everyone, exclude no one, and be excepting when a student needs help.

  61. Good teachers are patient, kind, helpful, respectful, and approachable. They are friendly and want to get to know their students and how they learn. They want their students to talk to them and want to answer their questions. They are organized, fun, and strict when need be.

    Good students are ready to learn and share their ideas. They are organized and respectful. Good students show leadership and responsibility.They complete their homework on time. They ask questions when they are confused. They are assertive and listen to directions.

    Good classes respect one another. They are cooperative during group activities. They listen to the teacher and one another. They challenge and push each other to improve. They want to know each other and they communicate well. A good class competitively holds itself to high standards.

    I expect myself to be a good student, Smith to be a good teacher, and our class to be a good class. If we hold ourselves to these standards we will have good teachers, students, and classes but we will have a great year.


  62. Good teacher

    ~ Minimizes the use of homework

    ~ Has fun

    ~ Isn’t passive aggressive

    ~ Doesn't take things too seriously

    ~ Willingness to deviate from the plan

    ~ Strong leader

    ~ Friendly

    ~ Challenging but not burdening curriculum

    Good student

    ~ Takes on responsibility and leadership

    ~ Is productive & on task

    ~ Uses time & effort when working

    ~ Listens

    ~ Asks Questions

    Good class

    ~ Willingness to learn

    ~ Silent & productive when necessary

    ~ Enthusiastic and awake

    ~ Social (when acceptable)

  63. Good teachers, in my opinion, are teachers who help a student as much as they can, not just in school, but if they are having a rough time, as well. They help the student where needed, and are patient with students, but at the same time they push students to reach their goals and go beyond them.

    A good student, in turn, is someone who puts in all the work necessary to achieve that goal, and go beyond. A good student is someone who works their tail off and doesn't come up with lame excuses as to why they can't (or don't want) to do.

    A good overall class is fun, hardworking, and also supportive of everybody in it. It should be willing to obey the teacher, make anybody feel appreciated and welcomed, and it must always work as one and take care of itself. Otherwise, it falls apart.

  64. Expectations of Myself:

    -I expect myself to be able to complete and turn in all home assigned work on time and not procrastinate and be distracted by outside influences.
    -I will be quiet when needed, and loud when needed, while being attendant and engrossed in class.
    -I know I should be helpful to all other classmates and give them assistance when they need it.
    -I expect to finish all of my assignments and test on time and with a good grade.
    -I expect myself to expand the boundaries of my mind and the way I see life.
    -I would like to progress myself physically and mentally stretching my physical and metal capacity.

    Expectations of Class:

    -I expect my friends and fellow students to be respectful and responsible to Smith and to all the other students in the class
    -I expect the class to not by interruptive, or distractive so that everyone in the class can maintain focus throughout the day.
    -I expect everyone to have a reasonable amount of niceness to encourage others who are trapped in a shell to come out, and to encourage friendliness to everyone is comfortable and happy.

    Expectations of Smith:

    -I expect our lovely teacher Smith to give us everything we need to succeed but not pamper us.
    -I expect her to create a friendly structured environment for the class to run in, as well as help every student that ask for it and answer every question she gets.
    - I expect her to give us a challenging amount of work that will not stress or bog us down.