Friday, November 7, 2014

Smith Honors Period 3 Scott C. Cooke Scribe November 7

Scott C. Cooke
November 7,2014

Workday to work on:
  • Fahrenheit 51 pages 1-40
  • Watch the videos: Machines are using us, Did you know?, A Vision of students today
    • Take notes to discuss in class on Monday
  • The Pedestrian and Harrison Bergeron short stories
  • Fishbowl On Monday for Fahrenheit 51: Pages 1-40
    • Presenters:
      • Jake Miles
      • Jackson Sanborn
      • Ryan Snow
    • Discussers:
      • Xavier Maier
      • Allie Highsmith
      • Maddie Canon
      • Kirk Zieser
      • Haley Lewin
Anything you do not finish in class should be finished for homework

Nice job on the essays!Yay!

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