Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scribe November 18, 2014

Mrs. Smith's slides for English 9 Honors 

Quiz on Fahrenheit 451 today, we worked in groups of 3-4.
Deliberate Acts of Love and Kindness card were passed out. You can ask for extras.
After the quiz work on the cards for Deliberate Acts of Love and Kindness.
After the cards are finished we have a workday to focus on the symbol project.
Thursday is also a work day for your symbol project.

  • Read pages 136-the end. (Annotate and make connections. Keep in mind the essential question.)
  • Fishbowl Tomorrow on pages 136-the end. 
  • Quiz on Thursday for Fahrenheit 451.
Essential Question:
What does it take to challenge the system? How can literature be a motivator for social change?

Extra thing to think about:
To what is Bradbury and Vonnegut trying to warn society of?

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